Snooping For Snitches (or) Don’t Sell A Hot Talame

Just when you think you’ve heard it all………….YOU WERE WRONG!  Obama keeps preaching to America about how much he cares for the illegals and that the new Arizona Law is treating them unfairly. We’ve also heard him talk about greedy rich people and he needs to redistribute their wealth to the poor in our country. What A JOKE! As usual, what he says is not necessarily what he means or what he does.

According to Obama, if you’re illegal you have a right to be in this country, but Lord forbid you have a yardsale and pocket any cash. It doesn’t matter if you’re Black, White, Red, Green, Brown or Purple, Rich, Poor or Destitute;  The Long Arm of Obamanomics is coming after you through the new tax auditor guidelines.  Anyone trying to make a few extra bucks or just trying to make ends meet by having yard sales, doing odd jobs, babysitting, tree triming, collecting cans and bottles for recycling, selling on ebay, selling to a pawn shop, construction workers, house cleaners, pet setting, having bake sales, selling  produce from your garden, even selling homemade tacos and tamales, you are being targeted. If you have a beauty shop in your home, repair autos on the side, sell t-shirts or handbags, are an exhibitor at a fair, make gift baskets, it doesn’t matter what it is, he wants his cut of the money. I wonder how this will be accomplish. Will he encourage neighbor to snitch on neighbor or will he send out the Obama yard sale police? Either way, it is a bad recipe for jealously, hate, greed, revenge or just outright spite for someone looking to get even with someone else and I believe that’s exactly what he wants. It’s also another way to instill fear of our government; a Tow the Obama line or else type of deal.

You’ve Been Labled “The Underground Economy;” under the table and off the books. This can include legal and illegal businesses or black market drugs, characterized by small, single entrepreneurial businesses that recieve cash or BARTER goods where the aim is to avoid reporting income and paying taxes to the government. Suggestions are made in the guidelines on how to catchthese ruthless Underground Economy criminals, one of which can be discovered through cash transactions found in related examinations. When the examiner, (alias for IRS agent), encounters payments for goods or services made in cash or possibly handwritten invoices, it is very likely the taxpayer paid an undergrounder to do the work. The examiner is instructed to ask questions as to how the taxpayer located this person. Another way is to check bulletin boards, for the underground economy worker will have handwritten 3×5 cards or even have printed business cards with no business license no. They may even make up flyers to hand out or leave on doors. They will frequent local spots and rely on local contacts or other businesses may send work their way. Another significant way to catch these hardened criminals is to wait until they make a significant purchase. They may even go on a vacation if they can pay their way in cash. In the cover of darkness, behind closed doors, (sounds like congress) they may sell a piece of real estate, but not to be discouraged, they have to record the transfer. They may purchase a vehicle, then sell it, accepting $10,000 in cash without reporting it, when any new vehicle they may own, would be hidden in a garage or possibly parked at another undisclosed location.

Traits of the Undergrounders is to keep a low profile to avoid suspecion. They will drive an old vehicle, live in older homes in a low income neighborhood, both of which are paid for in full. They may advertise in free local papers, use answering machines to screen callers giving them time to learn more about the prospective customer. Will only accept work when money is needed and will not maintain a checking account. They cash checks without depositing them in their own accounts, or even accept cash, leaving no paper trail. They may use false SSN’s when working for a business. ( I think these people are living in Arizona.) They will pay their living expenses in cash, use money orders and own a safe.

Three Examples of these undergrounders are; the stay at home mothers who may or may not be on welfare, watching children for working families, or the elderly on social security may take a job cleaning someone’s home for extra money. Some may even sit with pets in the petowner’s home using their electricity, water, television and such. (Hey Toto. Are we in Kansas?)

The examiner should aways follow through. In auditing techniques, watch out for an increase in assets without additional  indebtness. This suggest hidden income is available from some source. Watch for barter activity as the underground economy goods and services are easily traded between individuals. (If the undergrounder barters and acquires a used tractor or truck, a computer or gets his house painted; this is considered earned income.) Test checks written from known bank accounts and do an analysis on personal expenses for each month and compare these to two prior year purchases as this will show there was income  available and how it was spent. These clues will or may lead to other discoveries. Check to see if any secured loans were acquired as the undergrounder may have identified a source of income. A lack of mortgage, car or credit card payments indicates an ability to pay. Check their civil and criminal history and divorces as these can disclose income and assets. (Last but not least), contact possible business associates, creditors and former spouses. These are a good source of information. (I don’t know about you but, I’m not feeling the love.) 

If Obama really cared about the poor in this country, why would he begrudge someone having a yard sale, selling their personal items or trading  any goods or services to help place food on their tables? It should now be obvious to everyone that Obama thinks he owns us and wants to control every aspect of ourlives.  His words are empty words but his actions speak volumns. He seems to want and keep everyone poor and destitute. The only true things Obama cares about are control, power, money and your vote.

  He’s Milking Us and Our Country Dry


See IRS wesite.

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