US Tax $’s Rebuild Mosques Overseas

Dreaming of the day when we take down America

Obama moaned, groaned, whined and even threatened to withhold Social Security, Disability and Veteran’s benefits; until the jelly spine no-guts sell-out Republicans agreed to raise the debt ceiling to appease his every little whelm.

As our country, we so fondly refer to as America, heads down the road of no return with Obama paving the way to complete destruction, he continues to talk of increasing taxes on the wealthy (so another few million will become unemployed). Other left-wing minded politicians and Rinos, following Obama’s lead, continue their talk of cutting Social Security and Medicare benefits because we’re out of money and these programs simply cannot keep going.

However, while all of these things are taking place, we seem to have enough money to rebuild Cairo’s Sewer System, repair and rebuild the mosque.

Part of a $770 million Program, The US State Department, headed by Secretary of State Hillary (‘Anti-gun, Anti America’) Clinton is spending hundreds of millions of US taxpayer dollars to repair and rebuild mosques in the Middle East. They are also providing Internet service to Islamic Imans.

The State Department says it’s fighting Islamic Extremist by building relations with Islamic leaders. (Wonder if Hillary has ever thought she is viewed as a fool?)

Watch the news report video:

The State Department would never spend a dime on any Christian church or provide the Internet for any Christian Pastor or Christian Organization because that would be in violation of the hypothetical separation of church and state.  But Hillary, who is a player in the Obama Socialist Dictator Administration, thinks it’s completely okay to throw our money away on a religion that has vowed to destroy us.

How does that make you feel America? You should feel as though this administration cares nothing about you, your family, your freedom, your safety or your livelihood, because they don’t.

Although this administration cares nothing for you, they should care about themselves and what will happen to them when power changes hands to the enemies they have been sucking up to. They have invited Satan into their beds.






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