Your Right to Self Defense HB-48 and SB-4 “Castle Doctine” bills

The Virginia General Assembly is on the verge of codifying one of the weakest versions of the so-called “Castle Doctrine” in the nation!

This legislation is so spineless that it virtually shreds your existing self-defense rights already enshrined in Virginia’s judicial precedent.

A REAL “Make My Day” law is supposed to affirm your right to defend yourself or your family with deadly force to prevent “imminent death or bodily harm” from an assailant in your home without fear of being maliciously drawn into criminal and civil litigation.

The two versions of the “Hassle Doctrine” bill — HB-48 and SB-4 — do not do that!

The way they are written, an assailant may break into your home and you would be powerless to stop him.

Only when he commits a second “overt act” will you be allowed to defend yourself or your family — that is, if you “reasonably believe” you are in danger.

Politicians and their toadies in the Establishment gun lobby in Richmond are trying to sell us a bill of goods.

  • This bill creates NO presumption that the intruder’s presence in your home at two in the morning causes “reasonable fear.” It leaves the burden of proof on you!
  • This bill has NO immunity from civil or criminal prosecution — meaning you will have to pay thousands of dollars in legal fees when you are hauled in to court for defending your family. In      fact, it was even amended to exclude this language.
  • This bill awards NO reimbursement for your criminal or civil legal fees.
  • This bill provides NO protections outside your home — including your front porch, place of employment, your car, or anywhere else you legally have a right to be.
  • Worst of all — because the legislature will have omitted these important protections by intent — all existing standards of judicial precedent that cover them will be shredded.

These bills need to be killed, and they must start over with a REAL “Make My Day” law.

Click here or call (804) 698-1470 to contact your State Senator.

Tell them that the Castle Doctrine bills they are considering aren’t worth the paper they are printed on.

Tell them either to fix it by putting ALL of your self-defense rights in to law or leave the current common law alone.

This bill isn’t a Castle Doctrine, it is a “Hassle Doctrine” and it must be stopped.

The National Association for Gun Rights is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, single-purpose citizens’ organization dedicated to preserving and protecting the Constitutionally protected right-to-keep-and-bear-arms through an aggressive program designed to mobilize public opposition to anti-gun legislation. The National Association for Gun Rights’ mailing address is P.O 7002, Fredericksburg, VA 22404. They can be contacted toll-free at 1-877-405-4570. Its web address is


Who Running For President is Pro-Gun

National Gun Rights sent a survey to all candidates running for President. You can see the survey questions  here. (pdf)

Ron Paul – Completed Survey 100% pro-gun

New Gingrich – Refused to respond

Mitt Romney – Refused to respond

Rick Santorm – Refused to respond

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