Harvard Okay Promoting Israel’s Destruction

joshuapundit – On March 3-4, Harvard will host a two-day conference at the Kennedy School of Government focused, in effect, on dismantling the Jewish state of Israel. A number of student groups and others associated with Harvard are sponsoring “One State Conference: Israel/Palestine and the One State Solution.”

Those who promote a one-state “solution” advocate creating an entity, which would, through its merger with the Palestinian Arab population of the West Bank and Gaza and an influx of Palestinians from neighboring states, lose its Jewish majority and its Jewish character. In effect, Jewish self-determination would be nullified.

In a conversation recorded on February 9, 2012 at Imperial College in London, even Norman Finkelstein, who describes himself as having devoted his life to the cause of the Palestinians, told his interviewer, “You know and I know exactly what we’re talking about because if we end the occupation, and we bring back 6 million Palestinians, and we have equal rights for Arabs and Jews, there’s no Israel. That’s what it’s really about.”

Perhaps little should be expected from Harvard when it comes to the subject of the Middle East. Harvard’s Middle East Outreach Center, charged with providing curriculum materials to middle and high schools, has distinguished itself mostly by disseminating propaganda instead of scholarship. In addition, Harvard accepts millions in funding from Saudi Arabian princes and other wealthy Arab donors.

The Harvard student groups involved include student groups including,

  • Students for Justice in Palestine
  • the Palestine Caucus
  • the Arab Caucus
  • the Progressive Caucus
  • the Association for Justice in the Middle East, and members of the radical Jewish Voice for Peace.
  • Speakers will include Ali Abunimah the Executive Director of the Electronic Intifada
  • Dalit Baum, of the BDS organization Coalition of Women for Peace
  • Ilan Pappe, a radical left Israeli academic who makes a nice living lecturing in Europe about how evil the country he was born in is and whose main claims to fame were fabricating the story of a ‘massacre’ at a place called Tantura that was proven in court never to have occurred and popularizing a phony quotation to make it seem like Israel leader David Ben -Gurion endorsed the expulsion of Israel’s Arabs
  • Marc Ellis, Director of the Center for Jewish Studies at Baylor University, who makes a fetish out of equating Zionism with old fashioned colonialism and Israel’s treatment of the ‘Palestinians’ to the Nazi treatment of Jews and is now desperately trying to avoid being fired
  • and Hamas apologist Diana Buttu.

Conference speakers and organizers include extreme anti-Israel academics, the founder of Electronic Intifada, members of the radical Jewish Voice for Peace and an ex-PLO spokesperson.

No one even remotely sympathetic to Israel appears to be affiliated with the conference.

Harvard’s is returning to its 1900’s roots when they didn’t stop with mere quotas but openly expressed anti-Semitic sympathies. The University went one better when they invited Nazi official Ernst (Putzi) Hanfstaungl, one of Hitler’s top aides as the Harvard commencement speaker in 1934. When Jews in Boston protested, President Conant had them arrested for “illegally displaying signs.”

So this is a real back to the future moment for Harvard, which is, after all, a private university that has every right to promote Jew hatred if it wants to. read more


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