This Load of Pork Stinks

March 13, 2012 UPDATE:  T. Bone Pickens, George Soros, and Kevin Douglas will have to dry their tears.   The Natural Gas Act Pork Amendment to the transportation bill was defeated in a vote of 51-47 on Tuesday.   Now we just have to kill Rep. John Sullivan’s bill HR 1380, “The New Alternative Transportation to Give American Solutions Act, which would also create special tax treatments for the production, conversion and sale of natural gas powered vehicles and give Pickens,  Soros and Douglas the opportunity to make even more millions on the back of taxpayers. 

The $109 billion dollar transportation bill is stalled because Democratic Senators are silently sloshing through the pile of pork  to see what they can sneak into it before a final vote.

At least one load has received Harry Reid’s approval -  The Natural Gas Act was added last night by Senator Robert Menendez, D-NJ.  For those not familiar with the bill, it would create and expand existing special tax treatments for production, conversion and the sale of natural gas powered vehicles.

Lets see, Obama wants to increase our taxes, totally eliminate  tax credits for the oil industry, cut Social Security Cost of Living  increases, cut Medicare payments to doctors and hospitals,  while throwing billions upon billions into his green energy project as payback to Democratic campaign financial supporters.

So what campaign donors benefits from this pile of pork?   Billionaires like T. Bone Pickens and George Soros.  Of course in this case, Soros and his cronies would benefit the most.  George happens to own 6.6% of Westport Innovations, a Canadian based natural gas engine manufacturer and distributor.  At today’s stock prices George’s investment is worth more than $135 million.   And, lets now forget China.   Westport, a global leader in fuel systems and conversion kits  just happens to have 3 factories in China.

Doesn’t it make you feel warm and fuzzy all over to know that while our tax money is being given to  bankrupt or soon to be bankrupt wind farms, solar farms, General Motors, China,  Canada, and campaign financial supporters, we’re scrimping and saving to try and pay our electric bills, afford gas for our cars, and food for our tables.   With friends like the Democrats and RHINOS in Washington, who needs enemies.  


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