America Becoming Nazi Germany?

This is a video you need to watch. Former Hitler Youth member, and Word War ll veteran Hilmar Von Campe warns America.

Everything Campe is talking about, we are seeing now in our country. What Obama is doing parrallels the exact same things Hitler did.

Hitler controlled the media and the news released. He indoctrinated the German people through the media and schools. [Main media only reports what Obama wants them to and they cover-up for him. Our children are being taught Obama’s propaganda in school.]

If you disagreed with Hitler or his policies, he would cause trouble for you. [Fox news [Glenn Beck] and Gibson Guitar are 2 examples by this administration.]

Hitler wanted to destroy God and the churches. He created a group called the German Christians who produced Nazi Philosophy through a religious language. It was his attempt to get the Christians on the side of the Nazis. [Obama has Jim Wallis who distorts God’s word replacing it with Obama’s philosophy.]

 America, take the ears plugs out and the blinders off.  LISTEN to the voice of WISDOM


Hitler had his Gestapo – Obama has Eric Holder, George Soro, etc..

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