Amendment Three Point Five


No soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any  house, without the consent of the owner, nor in time of war,  but in a manner to be prescribed by law. —Third Amendment to the United States Constitution

It was announced quietly last week that Colorado will play host  this month to Russian soldiers and paratroopers joining American units  in practicing the suppression of “domestic terrorists”—which, of  course, the current regime in Washington identifies as you and me.  Among other things, they will be “taking over” Denver International  Airport.

The Russians will be equipped and trained with American weapons,  which is just about the worst news that could possibly accompany this  announcement.

I have yet to receive e-mail from anybody about this development  that failed to mention John Milius’ extremely politically incorrect  classic movie about a communist invasion of the United States, Red  Dawn.

By now, the administration of Barack Obama must be absolutely  desperate. Both Republican contenders are beating the incumbent in the  polls. At this moment, he’s the most unpopular President in American  history. Members of his own party are beginning to desert him in  droves. And he must know by now that he can no longer trust his own  military, should he choose to cancel the elections and declare martial  law.

The idea of “formerly” communist troops, fresh from the butchery  in Chechnya must be intoxicating to a man and his handlers who once  thought they were going to change America and establish a one-world  hegemony.

At the same time, “coincidentally”, of course, the unelected  military oligarchs of NATO—the pointy end of the New World Order—are holding a “summit” meeting in Chicago soon, a sort of Bilderberg  or G2 convention with nuclear weapons, and the city, humble subjects  of King Rahm are being warned, is going to be closed up like the Nazis  conquering Paris. Fly over the wrong invisible line, you will be shot  down.

Apparently the precious darlings are afraid of being Occupied.

Me, I’m thoroughly tired of all this fascist crap, and I have an  idea that I’m going to ask you, my readers, to pass along, especially  to the folks at Occupy, the various Tea Parties, and to the Ron Paul  campaign.

We need to pass around—and talk up—a new Constitutional  amendment I’m going to call “Amendment Three Point Five”. It will  forbid the presence of any foreign troops of any kind on American  soil for any reason. I know that we’ve been training “allies” here  since at least World War II. Often, within a decade or so, those  “allies” were our enemies. In the 1960s, I lived on an Air Force base  where General Ky and other South Vietnamese flyers practiced their  touch-and-goes.

But it has to stop. When an entire administration has no use for  the Constitution, and prefers every other country to the one they’re  running, it’s time to keep them from building their own army here to  suppress the people who foolishly elected them. Such an amendment  should have long, sharp teeth, because what it’s meant to prevent is  treason.

United States territories should be kept clear exactly the same  way. If an American administration wants to train their future  enemies, they can do it on the other guy’s land, with the other guy’s  toys.

A second clause to the amendment would point out that Americans do  not live to serve the convenience of government. Just the other way  around: any politician or bureaucrat who costs an ordinary civilian a  minute of his uninterrupted day, especially in an economy like this—by shutting down a great city like Chicago—should be imprisoned for  life.

Please understand: whether an amendment like this one is ever  ratified, widespread discussion of it could have the effect that  freedom-lovers desire. Send this to everyone you know who worries  about the future of a free America. Tell them to pass it along, as  well.






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