Creating Racism Out of Thin Air

A perfect example of political correctness run-amok is a video from Colorlines, a creation of the George Soros funded Applied Research Center.   According to the video, using the word “illegal” is racially charged, legally inaccurate and morally wrong.   “The word ‘illegal’  functions like a racial epithet.  It’s a way of legitimizing violence against a particular group of people because of what they are.  That’s the definition of a hate crime.”

According to Webster’s Dictionary, illegal means not sanctioned by official rules, criminal, illegitimate, illicit, unlawful, wrongful, immoral, shameful, unethical, etc.  I couldn’t find one single definition that called it a racially charged hate crime.   Does Webster put out a socialist propaganda politically correct dictionary?

The Applied Research Center touts itself as a “racial justice” think tank that views the U.S. as having “structural racism” deeply “embedded in the fabric of society.”  Their mission is to narrow the racial divide, promote socialized medicine and create “green jobs” for poor minorities.    According to  their web page the word “illegal” is fueled by white people who promote anti-immigration sentiment and encourage fear and division because these “white” people fear America will become a browner nation.    I detect a tad bit of racism on their part!

Illegal is not a racial slur.  You are either in this country legally or you’re not.  If you broke the law, slipped in under the fence or snuck in on a slow boat from China, or overstayed your visa   —  you are an illegal, no matter what your color,  or nation of origin  and there is no way that is “legally inaccurate”.   As for morally wrong  —  using a people that you don’t give one iota about other than to use them to steal elections or bankrupt the economy  –  in my book, that is morally wrong.

The left never gets tired of finding new ways to create “racism” out of thin air.  



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