The Man Who Hates Jews and Whites, and Claims White Americans are the Fiery Serpents

Louis Farrakhan is a dangerous man spreading his hate wherever he goes.

Louis Wolcott, born 1933, joined the Nation of Islam in 1955. While waiting for his Islamic ‘holy name’, an X was used in place of Wolcott, because European surnames are believed to slave names assigned by slave owners. The X was replaced with Farrakhan, an Arabic name meaning “charmer”.

  • In 1978, Farrakhan and a small number of supporters decided to rebuild what they considered the original Nation of Islam.
  • In 1979, Farrakhan’s group founded a weekly newspaper entitled The Final Call, Inc.
  • In 1981, Farrakhan and his supporters held their first Saviour’s Day convention in Chicago, Illinois, and took back the name of the Nation of Islam.

Farrakhan on the assassination of Malcom X, 1993:

“We don’t give a damn about no white man law if you attack what we love. And frankly, it ain’t none of your business. What do you got to say about it? Did you teach Malcolm? Did you make Malcolm? Did you clean up Malcolm? Did you put Malcolm out before the world? Was Malcolm your traitor or ours? And if we dealt with him like a nation deals with a traitor, what the hell business is it of yours? You just shut your mouth, and stay out of it. Because in the future, we gonna become a nation. And a nation gotta be able to deal with traitors and cutthroats and turncoats. The white man deals with his. The Jews deal with theirs.”

Farrakhan on religion:

“When Cain came to present his offering before God as a tiller of the ground, the scripture says God did not respect his offering. I don’t believe that. I’d like to offer a correction. Well who are you? I’m better than those who have revised your Bible. I’m better than those who have translated it out of the original tongues and revised it to fit their purpose! What makes you better? Because I am taught of God.”

On Jew:

Do you know Jewish people were not the origin of Hollywood, but they took it over?” Saviours’ Day, Chicago, Illinois, 2/26/12

 “In 100 years, they control movies, television, recording, publishing, commerce, radio, they own it all. Magazines. Why do you want all, everything?” Saviours’ Day, Chicago, Illinois, 2/26/12

“Did you know that the Koran says that Jews are the most violent of people. I didn’t write it, but I’m living to see it.” Saviours’ Day, Chicago, Illinois, 2/26/1

Some of you think that I’m just somebody who’s got something out for the Jewish people. You’re stupid. Do you think I would waste my time if I did not think it was important for you to know Satan? My job is to pull the cover off of Satan so that he will never deceive you and the people of the world again.” Saviours’ Day, Rosemont, Illinois, 2/27/11

“They stole land in Palestine… And this Synagogue of Satan knows that the end of their time of rule is up. The jig is up.” Speech at Mosque Maryam, Chicago, 10/3/10

On White People:

“White people suffer from the false notion that white skin makes them superior. And we suffer from the falsehood that the blackness of our skin makes us inferior. So we’re bowing to white supremacy and manifesting black inferiority.”

“If the white race is under the name Israel, where did the name Jew come from? Adam never said he was a Jew. Abraham didn’t say he was a Jew. Moses didn’t say he was a Jew. The name Jew comes after Judah. Hebrew is different. The original Hebrews look just like you. The original Hebrews are Black.” Speech at Mosque Maryam, Chicago, 10/3/10

Source: theblaze, adl

Farrakhan Threatens Cities, Demands Black Nation

Excerpted from Farrakhan’s speech in San Diego, Ca on May 27, 2012.  For correct interpretation it is important to know that the Nation of Islam teaches a Nazi-like doctrine that the black race is God, their Founder is Allah/the Mahdi and the white man is literally the devil.  Farrakhan declared that Obama is the black Messiah in 2007.  Obama’s Trinity Church is a related, Black Nationalist sect, posing as Christianity.  Farrakhan and Obama are both Black Nationalists.  Obama’s Trinity Church in Chicago is a pseudo-Christian Black Nationalist sect that is largely based on the doctrine of the Nation of Islam.  The Nation of Islam is also not orthodox Islam, but a home-grown American Black cult-like sect  that presents itself as Islam.



















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