Rubio Cuts Deal With Obama To Appease Latino Activists

Mari Carmen Aponte  Ambassador to El Salvador has caused quite a stir since Obama appointed her in August 2010.   Republican Senators had strong reservations about Ms. Aponte’s past and her ability to represent America’s interest, reservations that since her appointment have proved valid.

Aponte was first nominated by President Bill Clinton as Ambassador to the Dominican Republic in 1998 but withdrew her name rather than answer questions about her 12 year relationship with a Cuban spy, Roberto Tamayo,  targeted as part of an FBI Counterintelligence investigation.  A high ranking Cuban defector claimed that Cuban intelligence has attempted to recruit her as a Cuban spy.   Ms. Aponte has subsequently  served on the boards of the National Council of La  Raza and the Puerto Rico Legal Defense Fund, both of which serve radically liberal interest.

An Ambassador’s job is to promote America’s interest while, at the same time, respecting the culture of the country where they serve.   Ms. Aponte chose to ignore her job description, choosing instead to promote Obama’s radical social agenda, which in most cases has made more enemies of nations than friends, especially in those countries as profoundly religious at El Salvador.

In June 2011, the month that Obama designated as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender pride month,  Aponte chose to write an article  on “homophobia”  in La Prensa Grafica to school the overwhelmingly Christian nation on the virtues of homosexuality.  She lectured them about their need to embrace homosexuality implying that the country’s disapproval was somehow rooted in ignorance.   She praised Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for her remarks that “gay rights are human rights,” and went on to explain how gay pride month was celebrated in the U.S. where the gay rights movement “celebrates its identity throughout  the country.”

Her article caused quite a stir and was rebuked throughout Latin America.  A wide range of religious, community and family groups from El Salvador, Mexico and Honduras wrote a response to Aponte’s article saying that she was “in clear violation of the rules of diplomacy and international law” by trying to impose a “new vision of foreign and bizarre values completely alien to our moral fiber, intending to disguise this as human rights.”  While they agreed that violence against homosexuals should be repudiated, it didn’t mean they had to accept the legal union between same sex individuals.  “Not accepting the legitimacy of sexual diversity does not mean we are violating any human rights.”

The coalition  wrote to the U.S. Senate asking that they oppose Aponte’s nomination, calling her “an insult to their people and their values.”  They also asked the Senate to remove her from her position “as soon as possible so that El Salvador may enjoy the benefits of having a better person as a government representative. . .”

It was assumed that Aponte would not be confirmed by the Senate.   But, things are never as they seem.   Senator Marc Rubio,  in a  “closed door” meeting with Obama agreed  not only to support Aponte, but to lobby other Republicans to vote for her.  When reporters asked Rubio how he could possibly vote with liberal Democrats on her confirmation his office responded:  “We worked behind the scenes with the Administration and reached an agreement on another policy in Nicaragua so the Senator agreed to vote for cloture and find another six Republican votes for her to pass.”

Rubio did his job wellIn addition to his selling his vote he managed to get RINOs  Ayolte of NH, Brown of MA, Lindsay Graham of SC, Murkowski of AK, Collins of ME, Luger of IN, John McCain of AZ, and Olympia Snowe of ME,  to vote with the Democrats to confirm Aponte’s appointment in spite of  the pleas of the El Salvador coalition  to block her appointment.

Rubio who has been named as a possible vice presidential candidate  had been under pressure from Latino groups ever since he opposed Aponte’s confirmation last December.

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1 comment for “Rubio Cuts Deal With Obama To Appease Latino Activists

  1. Rretta
    June 26, 2012 at 2:43 pm

    Rubio cut a deal with President Obama that he [Rubio] would support Mari Coramen Aponte’s reappointment as Ambassador to El Salvador if Obama would challenge elections in Nicaragua. Daniel Ortega recently won election in violation of Nicaragua’s Constitution which limits Presidential terms to two non-consecutive terms. His citics are worried that he will use his term to amend the Constitution and thus rule forever as dictator. Rubio also wanted Obama to put more effort into pushing democracy in Cuba. Unfortunately, Rubio ignored El Salvadore’s wishes not to have Aponte back as Ambassador when he traded his vote for a promise from Obama. Rubio was also getting flack from the Cubans and other Latinos in Florida for not supporting Aponte who just happens to be Latino. Rubio has to appease his supporters in Florida in order to win reelection. In Rubio’s defense, perhaps Ortega wanting to become a dictator in Nicaragua is more important than Aponte’s pushing Obama’s agenda of acceptance of same-sex marriage in El Salvadore. Rubio chose the lesser of the two evils but what he doesn’t seem to get is, the lesser of two evils, is still evil.

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