Pelosi’s Cork has Popped

In an attempt to try and explain Eric Holder’s defiance towards Congress in releasing all documentation on  the illegal “Fast & Furious” scandal,………..Pelosi is showing severe signs of botoxcity.

The amount of absurdity coming from this womans mouth is mind boggling. I’m betting she confuses and gives herself a headache!

On Thursday, Pelosi told reporters that Republicans plans to hold U.S. Attorney General  Eric Holder in contempt of Congress was because they [Republicans] want to “suppress the  vote.”

Pelosi stated that “What we have seen is the shameful display of abusive power by the  Republicans in the House of Representatives. Instead of bringing  job-creating legislation to the floor, the transportation bill, they are  holding the attorney general of the United States in contempt of  Congress for doing his job.”

“It’s really important  to note how this is connected with some of their other decisions. It is  not an accident. It is no coincidence that the attorney general of the  United States is the person responsible for making sure that voter  suppression does not happen in our country…These very same people who  are holding into contempt [the attorney general] are part of a  nationwide scheme to suppress the vote. They’re closely  allied with those who are suffocating the system, unlimited special  interest secret money and they are poisoning the debate.”

“They’re going after Eric Holder because he is supporting measures to  overturn these voter suppression initiatives in the states.”

Pelosi called it frivolous to invoke contempt of Congress. “To  frivolously use that really important vehicle to undermine the person  who is assigned to stop the voter suppression in our country — I’m  telling you this is connected. It is no accident. It is a decision and  it is as clear as can be. Not only to monopolize his time. It’s to  undermine his name. Undermine his name as he goes forward to defend and  protect the Constitution of the United States.”

Does she not realize how ignorant she sounds? Eric Holder needs no-one to damage his name. He did a fine job of that all on his own. And as far as protecting the Constitution of the U.S., when is Eric Holder planning on doing that? According to him, it doesn’t even exist.

Pelosi’s outlandish remarks only shows her willingness to help with the “Fast & Furious” cover-up.

How can anyone with even half a brain equate lying to Congress, and allowing drug cartels to purchase hundreds of weapons that were used to murder hundreds of innocent Mexican citizens, which also lead to the murder of a border patrol agent, with suppressing the vote?

When it comes to the minority dipstick, Rush said it best; “I can’t think this stupidly. “We need a new planet. We need a new planet called Stupider, and I  need to put Nancy Pelosi on it as the mayor of the whole planet, as the  governor, as the evil emperor……..whatever.”

Source: cnsnews, related: foxnews





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