A Gay Oreo

Kraft Foods has joined General Mills, Target, and J.C. Penney in celebrating same-sex marriage.

In honor of the June 25th “Pride” events across the country, Kraft has created a facebook  ad with a rainbow filling for its Oreo brand cookies.  At least they are not putting them in stores.

Kraft is ignoring the fact that while their are over 35 million traditional marriage households in the United States, there are only 111,000 same-sex households.

Kraft commercials generally target children and a rainbow colored Oreo is not what traditional moms and dads want to visualize while sharing an Oreo and milk with their kids.

Traditional Marriage Matters.  Once the union of any two persons is adopted as the legal definition of marriage, that concept becomes the sole definitional basis for the only legally sanctioned marriage that any couple can enter into.   Rather than peacefully coexist with traditional marriage, same-sex marriage actually displaces and replaces it.

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