Socialized Medicine Discriminates Against Racial Minorities

Dr. Bishop Harry R. Jackson, Jr., pastor, Hope Christian Church, Washington, D.C., “ObamaCare Negatively Impacts Minorities”

Why the White House appears to have consulted many experts during ObamaCare’s formative months, they hung up on Dr. Ben Carson, not once – but twice, when he offered his advise.  Why?  Well Dr. Carson who is director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins, is not a Democrat.  While Dr. Carson has been openly critical of the current health care system, he has made it clear that ObamaCare is not the answer.

In an April interview Dr. Carson told World Magazine that “Great Britain and some other places with socialized medicine are looking at privatizing because they’re running out of money.  The problem with socialized medicine is that you can’t keep up with the costs. . .so you have to ration.”

In addition to running out of money, European and Canadian health care systems have poorer results for what they spend.  According to the National Center for Public Policy Analysis, both have the worst cancer survival rates than our current medical system.  Also, in America, patients have faster access to screenings and treatment.

There is also growing evidence that government controlled systems not only fail to close the health care gap between whites and minorities but, may exacerbate racial differences in health care outcome.

The Center for Health Services Studies at the University of Kent released a study of racial disparities in the British Health Care system.  They found that racial minorities still have the highest rates of mortality from coronary health disease and are less likely to receive coronary revascularization according to need.  Racial minorities in Britain also have the highest rates of diabetics and diabetes related mortality as well as AIDS and  sexually transmitted diseases.  Patients also experience problems with access to cancer screenings and treatment.

The  Institute of Canada also released “Colour coded Health Care: The Impact of Race and Racism on Canadian Health” in which they noted that immigrants that come to Canada are generally in better health than their Canadian racial counterparts but, shortly after settling there, their health declined significantly.  Ethnic minorities report being discriminated against in the health care system.

Given these realities, should we expect more from a government run health care system in America?

Blacks and Hispanics will not only lose financially under ObamaCare but the experience of other countries indicates they will receive inferior care.  Obama’s crowning legislative achievement will hurt the people he claims to want to help!

Leaders like Dr. Carson tried to warn the White House about these impending problems.  Yet, no one in the White House wanted to hear the truth.

Politics as usual?  NO, it’s politics at its worst.


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