Debunking Liberal Lies – Defending Paul Ryan

Ken Blackwell makes a good point during his Fox News interview with Neil Cavuto.

The Liberal dogs have begun to attack Paul Ryan because they are scared and see him a threat. How do we know Ryan is seen as a threat? Because dogs don’t bark at parked cars!

The fact is that liberal Democrats are terrified by this pick and they are acting like it. Here’s a sampling of the smears they have launched against Paul Ryan just since Saturday when Romney picked him:

@barackobama Barack Obama FACT: Paul Ryan supports writing discrimination into the Constitution with an amendment banning gay marriage.
@motherjones Mother Jones:  If Paul Ryan got his way on abortion, Mitt Romney’s kids would be criminals.

They’ve even done a commercial showing Paul Ryan pushing an female senior citizen off a cliff!

Trust me, this is only the beginning. Barack Obama and Joe Biden have run this economy into the ground. They do not have a positive record they can run on. Their only hope for victory is to smear Mitt Romney and now Paul Ryan in the most vicious, personal way possible.

Conservatives have seen this movie before. Look at what the Left did to Sarah Palin. They made fun of her down syndrome child, they hacked into her personal email, they called her a “twat”–they even attacked her family! And they did it aided by a willing mainstream media.

The choice is clear: we can either sit around on our hands and watch it happen again, or we can fight back this time. I am ready to fight. Are you?

Here at Defend Paul Ryan, we will run radio, TV and online ads in battleground states, introducing Paul Ryan on OUR terms, not on the Democrats’ terms or those of their buddies in the liberal media.

We will respond to every single charge with FACTS, we will disseminate the truth to a growing email list. We are not just going to sit around and watch another conservative get slimed while we sit idly by, wringing our hands as another good conservative gets destroyed.

Now is the time to come together and fight. I’m all in for this battle, and I hope that you are too.

source: defendPaulRyan

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