Texas Bank Packs Heat

You just got to love Texas!

The Chappell Hill Bank just north of Houston may be he oldest continuously operated bank in America.  It’s been robbed five times in its 100 plus year history – the most recent, March 2010.

Bank President Ed Smith didn’t want to go through it again  so he took down the “No Firearms” sign posted on the front door and posted his new policy which applies to his tellers and customers.  Seven female tellers are licensed to carry.

“No damn Yankee is going to tell us what to do.”  Smith means what he says.  “You don’t know that a customer doesn’t have a 38 in her purse . . . And, if you try something nefarious in the bank, you might wind up in a horizontal position.  Come in here, and you might leave feet first.”

In case you are having trouble reading the new sign – it says:



Management recognizes the

Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

as an unalienable right of all citizens.

We therefore support and encourage the

carrying of licensed concealed weapons.

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