Truth, Right, and the Constitution Sacrificed for the Sake of Racist Fears

Unity is always on their lips, but their hearts are far from it.  Instead of a national government that represents our common heart for justice and liberty, the Obama faction means to create a fractured reflection of all our differences, until we forget how to see, think, and act as Americans, regardless of those differences.  With this dissolution of the American identity, they prepare the way for the dissolution of the United States itself, so that a strong sense of our national identity no longer poses an obstacle to their plans for a new, global regime that sets aside our provincial concerns with right and ordered liberty.”   Alan Keyes

In “Black America: reaping harvest of racial idolatry?,   Alan Keys says that “in every important respect, Obama’s victory in 2008 was a victory for racism.  First, there was the racist claim that his skin color made his election somehow significant for black Americans with whom he doesn’t share common moral or historical heritage.  Second, his stubborn advocacy of the parent’s right to murder her child made it a victory in principle for the racist notice that ‘inferior’ physical development leaves people with no rights that must be respected by their supposed betters.  Third, the U.S. Constitution has been openly set aside on account of fears that racist violence would result from investigation the facts regarding his citizenship at birth.  Truth, right, and the Constitution – all sacrificed for the sake of racist fears and premises.”

The years during which Obama  has occupied the White House “have  left our country more deeply and critically divided.  But, many people have awakened to the fact that the Obama wing of the “elitist faction has been unleashed to turn this country into a demoralized wreck  – dissolute, shattered and economically ruined.”   Keyes includes in this awakening the people who voted for Obama mainly because they felt their vote could contribute to freeing America from the shadows of racism.    Obama’s displays of shame and contempt have however,  “lengthened and deepened those shadows.  He and his cohorts have used the change or insinuation of racism as their instrument of choice to cow the spirit and will of the American people.”

In 2008 Obama’s victory depended on virtually unanimous support from black America among whom were profession Christians who “put aside every consideration of faith and conscience to support someone dedicated to socialism, rooted in the God-erasing ideology of scientific materialsim.”   His dedication to socialism led him to push unfettered abortions and the homosexuality that “outrage and assault the tents of the biblical faith black Christians profess.”

At the Democrats’ convention last week, these black Christians saw the “fruits of their idolatry.  They saw the party that lifted up their idol expunge the name of God from its platform.  They also heard the wave of sacrilegious scorn and contempt that rose to drown out the feebler voices that were raised to support the gesture.”

“Did black Christian voters feel the shame of this demonstration of hatred and contempt toward God whose hymns of praise and honor they profess to sing?  Do you think Martin Luther King, Jr. ever imagined so many would applaud a platform that erased God’s name from every page and then answer with Satan’s hiss a simple mention of the endowing authority of God, the authority King so often invoked to demand that Justice be done in America?”

“Barack Obama is a dark skinned man.  But how can it be anything but the worst kind of racism to suggest that his skin color has greater significance for good than his dedication to the culture of death has for evil?   Are we now to believe that God is a respecter of skin color, judging good and evil according to the incidental qualities of the flesh, and ignoring the essential qualities that He can see and measure rightly even when the human eye does not?

“Obama has often, in his speeches, sought to erase God from America’s history. . .his words and policies betray the black American heritage, the heritage that created the moral capital he has so ruthlessly squandered during his tenure in the White House. . .Obama destroys for future generations the historic moral asset relied upon by Martin Luther King,  Frederick Douglass, and countless other black Americans who fought for justice. . .”

Will the Christian conscience of black Americans sleep forever?  Or will they rise to join with others who reject would-be leaders, whatever party label they wear, who openly reject God, or who give hollow lip service to His name but reject His authority in their policies and actions?  “Choose this day whom you will serve,” said Joshua to the Israelites.  American Christians of all ethnic backgrounds face the same choice.  Will we serve the idols of human self-worship – of racial pride, mammon, and the lust for power?  Or will we serve the God who created the heavens and the earth, whose worship inspired America’s creed, and whose grace and forgiveness may yet renew the unity and strength of her people?

What can you say to that but AMEN.

You can read Keyes’ article in full at the link above.


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