Abortion Not Necessary To Save Mothers’ Lives

The argument for abortion when a mother’s life is in danger is no longer valid according to a 2012 major medical symposium in Ireland that concluded that abortion is not medically necessary to save the life of pregnant women.

About 140 Irish medical professionals participated in the International Symposium on Excellence in Maternal Healthcare.  The symposium featured a panel of world renowned experts in the fields of mental health, obstetrics and gynecology, and molecular epidemiology who presented their cutting edge research and data gathered over years of clinical experience.

The Dublin Declaration on Maternal Health care states:

“As experienced practitioners and researchers in Obstetrics and Gynecology, we affirm that direct abortion is not medically necessary to save the life of a woman.

“We uphold that there is a fundamental difference between abortion, and necessary medical treatments that are carried out to save the life of the mother – even if such treatment results in the loss of her life or her unborn child.

We confirm that the prohibition of abortion does not affect, in any way  the availability of optimal care to pregnant women.”

The symposium particularly addressed issues of maternal mortality and morbidity, care for women with high-risk pregnancies,  mental health, cancer in pregnancy, and fetal anomaly.  Expert presentations addressed new therapies which involve the safe delivery of chemotherapy during pregnancy and the emerging field of in-utero fetal surgery.

Because abortion is the subject of public debate in Ireland and all over the world, abortion proponents have been quick to confuse legitimate medical treatment with abortion.  Professor Eamon O’Dwyer, chairman of the Committee for Excellence in Maternal Healthcare, believes that the Dublin Symposium clears up misinformation and provides “clarity and confirmation” to doctors and legislators.

I am sure that this was not welcomed news to the ‘we love to murder babies’ industry.   

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