War on Coal and Virginia Jobs

Last week one of our largest coal mines in Buchanan County was idled and hundreds of our fellow Virginians were placed on indefinite unpaid leave. This isn’t the first economic hardship our state has faced, and certainly won’t be the last. However, this one is different than anything we’ve seen before.

When he took office, President Obama promised to turn the country and our economy around. He took drastic measures by passing massive bailouts and supposed jobs programs. Not only have these policies not gotten Americans back to work, but they have increased our nation’s debt by over $5 Trillion in less than four years.

Just like the law of gravity, which cannot be defied, there are undeniable and unavoidable economic laws.

In an economy that was already struggling and where resources were hard to come by, why would the President enact job-destroying regulations on private sector businesses that are trying to just stay afloat?

When President Obama spoke about creating jobs, he was talking only about jobs that get his permission. That’s why his administration “invested” more than $500 Million into the now bankrupt Solyndra solar energy company.

At the same time that Obama was throwing money at his pet, Solyndra,he was taking it from hardworking American taxpayers and borrowing it from our kids and grandkids.

Obama has been choosing winners and losers. The winners were his Washington cronies and the losers are anyone who works in an industry not favored by President Obama.

This week I am taking a trip to Southwest Virginia. I’ll again see firsthand the devastating effects of Obama’s economy on the lives of the individuals in small communities in places like Abingdon and Wytheville.

Let’s be clear, every time that President Obama comes out against coal, or other industries, it is a direct attack on the livelihood of Virginians.

We have the largest coal exporting port in the United States right here in Hampton Roads. Even if you don’t work directly for a coal company, coal provides almost half of all of Virginia’s energy, and in the poorest parts of Virginia, coal powers over 75% of the electricity.

President Obama’s war on jobs has to end. It’s time to stand up to President Obama and tell him that he doesn’t know best. Individuals are better at making personal decisions than any government.

We are a country that was founded on the principle that we can all earn our own living – not take some government handout, or ask the government to pick and choose winners and losers, but to really earn it for ourselves.

Mitt Romney understands who built this economy: hard working American entrepreneurs. He understands that the free market is the driving force of innovation, and when our own government stays out of our way is when we achieve the most.

If you agree with me that we can’t afford to continue down the path towards unaccountable government, then you must take action now. Please contact my campaign office at 703-766-0635 or email Noah@Cuccinelli.com to get involved in the most important election of our lifetimes. We have less than two months to go.

Ken Cuccinelli, II Attorney General of Virginia

P.S. We can’t afford to endure any more of Obama’s assault on liberty and jobs. Please call my office at 703-766-0635 or email Noah@Cuccinelli.com and we’ll get you connected with other activists in your community.


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2 comments for “War on Coal and Virginia Jobs

  1. September 19, 2012 at 6:11 pm

    When the President took office, we were losing hundreds of thousands of jobs a month. President Obama and Democrats took immediate action to get the economy moving again. By expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Child Tax Credit, and supporting unemployment insurance benefits and food stamps, the Recovery Act kept seven million people out of poverty and reduced poverty for 32 million more in 2010. The Obama administration invested in Promise Neighborhoods in communities across the country—a comprehensive approach to fighting poverty from early learning to college and career. The administration provided grants to financial institutions in urban and rural communities for the purpose of increasing lending for low-income Americans.

  2. Charley
    September 22, 2012 at 8:47 am

    You’ve been reading far too many liberal blogs or have fallen for the lies from the Obama campaign cheerleaders. Most of the things you are praising Obama for have done nothing to improve the economy or job loss – they simply added to the deficit. There are more people being added to food stamp and disability roles than there are new jobs being created. The workforce has shrunk dramatically since January 2009. There are 46,69,373 Americans now on food stamps – doubled since Obama took office. The Bureau of Labor Statistics found that the percentage of Americans working is lower now than during the recession. Unemployment has been above 8% since February 2009. Median household income has consistently fallen. The recession may have started under the last years of Bush’s rule but Obama has done nothing to save the economy. He keeps borrowing and spending money we may never be able to repay.

    Everytime Bernanke cranks up the printing presses, consumer costs increase and our dollar purchasing power falls. The only people helped in Obama’s scam – QE1,2, are the wealthy investors – not your average Joe. Obama’s bailouts haven’t worked and all those EPA regulations have destroyed jobs. And let’s not forget all the money Obama’s wasted on his failed green agenda, money that he borrowed and “loaned” to his big campaign donors – money that will never be repaid – money that our children and grandchildren are responsible for repaying. Wake up and smell the roses.

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