A New Low – Even for Obama

Life, liberty and the pursuit of birth control are the certain inalienable rights endowed by the Obama Administration.  To hear the campaign tell it, a lifetime supply of contraceptives is why our Founding Fathers overthrew tyranny in the first place.

This sense of sexual entitlements is so entrenched in Team Obama that they have created a series of E-Cards slamming Romney for believing that taxpayers shouldn’t have to finance another person’s libido.

Students are asked to send an E-Card message to their parents letting them know that they need $18,000 to help pay for their birth control because if Romney wins he is going to repeal ObamaCare.

Obviously if your child needs $18,000 to pay for birth control you have far more serious problems than the outcome of this election.

This is a new low in campaigning – even for the liberal Democrats.



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