Deploying The Truth

Mychal Massie 

If Obama didn’t think it important enough to study and prepare, as we are now finding out, for the debate that would play a major factor in his reelection, what does that say about his being worthy of the office he holds? What does it say about Obama’s priorities if he played golf, basketball and practiced bowling, as we are also informed, while disregarding and refusing to take part in his Presidential Daily Brief (PDB) even as reports from unimpeachable sources, including our Ambassador to Libya himself, were expressing near-manic concern that lives were in danger and that terror attacks were being planned?

What does it say about a sitting president who had the absolute worst debate performance in the history of modern debates — a president who had no intelligible response to the questions he was asked during the debate — a debate performance so bad that even the staunchest of his supporters condemned his performance — to then the very next day go to campaign rallies and lie as casually about what the nation and the world had seen take place — as though he were saying hello?

Shouldn’t we, as a nation, be greatly concerned that if Obama has such little discipline, and if his legions are willing, en masse, to knowingly lie and shield him from the consequential reality of his disregard, be concerned pursuant to what other lengths they have gone to cover up other even more damaging misdeeds?

And specific to these questions alone, how  can America trust Obama to do anything substantive for Americans if he is reelected?  I have been around and involved in politics spanning some 40 years and I can say, without fear of over-statement, that I have never in that time witnessed the unabashed dishonesty and disrespect for the  Office of President and the American people that Obama and his administration are guilty of.  Never — I swear to you — I have never witnessed anything like this.

Americans really do need to be afraid.  But, they need to be afraid not of the darkness that occupies the White House nor even of those who cover up for him, but rather they need be afraid because there are people so blind that they will vote for him even if he were to commit murder.

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