Joe Biden: Lewd, Rude and Crude

During the Thursday night debate, ‘anyway the wind blows’ Joe, provided the American citizens with an eye opening revelation of his true self. Unmistakably, Joe proved himself an ‘Obama Boy’ groupie.

As I watched Joe’s condescending, arrogrant and overbearing attitute come to life, I thought how proud the Socialist/Liberal/Marxists must be of their Capital Hill Jester. Yes, their fool took center stage for the world to see the complete incompetence of the White House once again.

All through the debate, Joe chuckled, laughed, grinned, sneered and laughed while interrupting Ryan, as Ryan tried repeatedly to answer questions. It became clear that as a fly is a constant irritation, Joe was hoping to either provoke Ryan, or simply distract the attention of the viewers from Ryan’s responses.

During the debate in true Liberal form; and as expected, Joe defended the Obama Administration and blatantly lied about the 911 terrorist attack in Libya that took the lives of our Ambassador and several Marines.

Even while speaking of the tragedy, Joe’s sneering, chuckling and laughter continued. I thought of how the victims must feel hearing their VP speak so casually of their loved one’s murders.

If our Ambassador and Military’s lives mean such little to this administration; “just a bump in the road” according to Obama, then how much less worthy of life do they consider the American citizens?

As I listened carefully to Joe’s responses I found his answered to be consistent with lies and half truths. But then, it was what I had expected from this administration.

I guess the best way to sum up the VP debate is to say: while Joe played the fool, acted the fool and was the fool; Ryan exhibited leadership beyond reproach.





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