The Price of Change

Get The Picture?

Colorado artist Dave Merrick, DaveMerrick.US,  provides the Defining Moment in the State of America 2012, proving with his talented artwork the truth in the old adage that “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

Painted in oil and acrylic, Merrick calls his painting, ‘The Price of CHANGE’.

There is considerable worry among folk from all walks of life about what President Barack Hussein Obama is doing to the country they love.

Patriots have been looking for ways to pull their country back from the brink of Obama’s promised Fundamental Transformation of America ever since  his  inauguration.  Bloggers have blogged their concerns.  Pundits have been pounding away at the keyboards of their computers and sending out messages they hope will go viral.

Dave Merrick used his remarkable artistic talent “to expose the obvious heart and intent of our president”.

“It’s not a pretty piece, but neither is the reality it addresses,” he says.

“I never thought I would ever paint such a thing, and I am ashamed that I was forced to.  I never thought that our country’s greatest threat would originate in the office of its chief executive leader.

“I am ordinarily an artist who paints and draws different works (mostly portraits) for people who commission me. However, since our nation has generally sat on its hands as President Obama has applied himself at dismantling us, I have been beside myself with amazement, rage and sorrow toward him and the people who have enabled him. As a result and in response to all that, I had to somehow SAY SOMETHING in protest. Art is a universally understood language and I speak that fluently, so I composed the attached artwork. It literally flowed off my brush.

“I did not paint this piece for my monetary gain, and I am not selling anything here.

After Merrick  finished the piece, he  put it on his email list and sent it to a few blog pages, and now it’s traveling – on its own – all around the world. canadafreepress

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