The Recovery That Wasn’t

When Obama took office there were 11.6 million unemployed.  Today that number stands at 12.7 million.  Even using government’s fairy tale  unemployment of 7.9%, that is still higher today than when Obama took office.  In truth, the only reason the unemployment figure is as low as government would have you think is because a lot of people just gave up trying to find a job.  When you add all those people into the pot, real  unemployment  stands at 11%.  Black unemployment is 14.3%, youth unemployment is at 16%.  Hispanic unemployment is at 10%.  Long term unemployment stands at 40.6%.  How is that a recovery?

Under the Obama administration 2 million women have lost their jobs – that is a real war on women.  Oh, and Obama created 171,000 new jobs in October.  Great – but Obama’s policies cost us 170,000 old jobs.  How is the creation of 1,000 jobs in October a recovery?

In order to win this election the lap dog media and the Obama campaign is calling the up tic in unemployment proof that we are on the road to recovery – that his failed economy policies have been good for this country.  In his first 3 plus years in office Obama has burned through more money we didn’t have than all 8 years of Bush’s presidency.  When Obama took office we were $10.6 trillion in debt.  Today we are $15.7 trillion in debt.  ‘

In what parallel universe is this good for America?  As Charles Hurt of the Washington Times said “The Only Think Worse Than The Economy Is Obama Talking About It.”

Obama has attempted to hide future job losses in the defense industry by telling contractors to ignore federal law until after the election.

Unfortunately, for Obama, he doesn’t hold that much sway on private industry.  Dow Chemical has announced they are closing 20 plants and will cut employment by 2,400 jobs; Colgate Palmolive will be eliminating 2,300 jobs; DuPont has announced plans to eliminate 1,500 jobs; Ford announced they are cutting production by 18% and will eliminate 6,200 jobs; Hewlett Packard is losing 29,010 jobs; AMD (chip maker) is cutting 15% of its workforce; Sharp is cutting 11,000 jobs worldwide; Sony  announced they are cutting about 2,000 workers; Cummins, Inc. will cut 1,500 jobs by the end of 2012; Applied Material is losing 1,300 jobs; Lattice Semiconductor is cutting about 13% of its workforce; Lucent is losing 5,000 jobs worldwide; Siemens AG will cut 10,000 workers by the end of the year; UBS is cutting some 5,000 jobs; OshKosh will layoff 450 workers in January.  This is good for America?

Since Obama took office there has been some 4.3 million green cards given out for foreign workers.    67% of job growth has gone to immigrants – both legal and illegal.   In occupations where immigrant gains were the largest, there were 2.2 million unemployed Americans.   This is good for American workers?

Obama urged voters in Ohio to take “revenge” against Romney by voting, for him of course.  He is right about one thing – voters should take revenge.

Voters should take “revenge” on election day  against Obama’s failed economic policies.




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