Morsi vs. Obama: The Professional vs. The Amateur

Someone once said that whenever the savages fight the civilized, the savages always win. The same can be said when professionals face off against amateurs: the professionals win hands down, leaving the amateurs with egg all over their faces.

The current situation in the Middle East offers a clear example. Hamas, a terror group that is always for sale to the highest bidder (whether it be Shiite Iran or Sunni Egypt), did Egypt’s bidding by rocketing Israel. The reaction from Israel was predictable and absolutely necessary: defend its citizens at any cost from the deluge of Gaza bombs.   Hence we have a crisis that was manufactured by one of Hamas’s master puppeteers: the Muslim Brotherhood rulers in Cairo.

Then, predictably, the United States entered the fray with its current team of amateurs in the White House and the State Department. They needed to come across as a strong administration in order to prove worthy of the nearly 70 percent “vote of confidence” they had won from the American Jewish community during their election victory.

Obama  worked the phones, dispatched Hillary, and encouraged his amateur team to do everything possible to forge a cease-fire.  And surprise, surprise, surprise  –  the minute Hillary arrived the professionals had a gift waiting for her – the rain of bombs from Gaza had stopped. What a gift!  They promised the United States that they would do everything they could to help the President achieve success. That wasn’t very hard since they were the ones pulling the strings attached to the puppets in Gaza.

And,  within a few hours of the cease-fire announcement, the Secretary of State (in-waiting) Susan Rice rushed to the microphone at the U.N. and praised President Morsi of Egypt for his tireless effort to achieve a cessation of hostilities.  And the villagers rejoiced!

When the professionals are at work and they have the amateurs entangled in their net, they move in for the kill. Exactly one day after Rice’s effusive praise for Egypt’s Islamist president, Morsi made his move: he decreed new dictatorial powers to himself, to avoid “attempts to undermine democratically elected bodies and preserve the impartiality of the judiciary.”  And the villagers rejoiced!   Well not exactly.

Now Morsi is free to: impose the Sharia with its oppressive rule over women and non-Islamists; declare that non-Muslims are dhimmis (protected by the state in exchange for taxes and restrictions); and open the border with Gaza so more Hamas terrorists can cross it and create mischief for Israel.

The American taxpayer is footing the bill, funding this making of a new Hitler in the Middle East.   Now the amateurs have egg all over their faces.

You can read Michal Youssef’s article in full at this link.

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