Our Food – Our Future

What Are We Allowing Our Government And Corporations To Do To Us?


First I want to say that  all of what follows is someone else’s work namely Rretta and Dana,  but I felt compelled to “bring it all together” so to speak in one place to make it easy to see the whole story.

At the end is a video that I found on the internet, it is a full length documentary about GMO foods and more specially Monsanto.  Where the video leaves off the article listed in here pick up the continuation of the story.

The articles are going to be listed from oldest to newest.  There is a mountain of information here but, PLEASE take the time to go through it. Our Future health should be very important to us all.


Monsanto Dominates World Food Supply

Monsanto Terminator Seed

Food Safety Bill from Hell

Does Your Food Grow In The Dark

Monsanto Coming To A StoreNear You

GM Seed opening Pandoras Box

Moochelles Food Police

Agent Orange Resistant Food Crops

Federal Government #1 Enemy of America

Genetically Engineered Crops

Frankenfish Anyone

Monsanto First Food SAfety Dead Last

EPA’s Next Power Grab Food Production 

The World According to Monsanto

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