Enviro Nazis Are Holding America Hostage

1Quoting  Elizabeth Nickson,  “for some people  Environmentalism has replaced a belief in God and faith, and that astonishing gift that is Judeo-Christian belief.”

Much of the environmental regulations in the U.S. stem from the United Nations and more specifically, from its Agenda 21 program.  The problem with the U.N. Agenda 21 is its underlying premises  that people are destructive.  The U.N. wants everyone living in mega cities where they can regulate everything according to their vision of the future.    They want  small families living in small houses driving  tiny cars powered by the sun, shopping at government sanctioned grocery stores and buying government approved clothing while they attend a state sponsored nonreligious church.

Environmental regulations are killing jobs and costing taxpayers a bundle.  As an example – Construction of a $15 million Texas underpass intended to relieve traffic congestion in San Antonio’s downtown was shut down because of a tiny little underground dwelling spider, known to scientists as Cicurina venii, which unfortunately made its home directly in the path of the new underpass.   Claiming the spider’s demise would impact interstate commerce – yeah, you read it right – the government ordered the interchange to be redesigned and rerouted which could take years and lots of dollars.

Nickson, author of Eco-Fascists: How Radical Conservationists Are Destroying Our Natural Heritage,  says that among the “unsustainable” aspects of modern life that the enviro-nazis want to eliminate are  “single family homes, paved roads, ski runs, golf courses, dams, fences, paddlocks, pastures, gardens, livestock, fish ponds, fisheries, scuba diving, sewers, drain systems, pipelines, fertilizer, and wall and floor tile.”

Many of Americas rural counties are in poverty because no one can afford the environmental and legal costs of developing their natural resources.  “It’s almost impossible to start a business in rural America now that actually uses the land or any of the resources.  All of these counties are broke.  They can’t pay their pension liabilities, they can’t keep their hospitals going, they can’t keep their schools going.  It’s disastrous.”

The enviro-nazis have removed tens of thousands of cattle from millions of acres of prairie, turning the grasslands into preserves.  Now, those ranges are turning to desert.  “Those grasslands need cloven hoofed animals to break up the sod and bring nitrogen and oxygen into it.  Farmers would bring up water from wells with those windmills, wildlife used to water at those wells.  It was a beautiful thing, the bounty of the American heartland all through Americas’s history, until three or four decades ago, when these people got their frozen, icy hands on the American psyche.”

The systematic destruction of dams throughout the West is another example of environmentalists gone nuts.  It will decimate ranches, halve America’s farmland and make it harder for wildlife to get the water they need.

The virtual ban on logging in national forests has left between 90 and 200 million acres vulnerable to massive forest fires that would decimate the woodlands,  according to the Forest Service.

None of this destruction is accidental.  “The agenda is to get people out of the country and crowded in and around transportation arteries and the megacities because they think the land has to return to its natural state – its pre-Colombian state, before the white man came.”  If that sounds farfetched, consider that the  federal government has already amassed more than 600 million acres of land – more than the size of Poland, Germany, England, France, Spain and Italy combined.

Our Founding Fathers valued land ownership because it empowered people with the autonomy required to stand up for independence and to fight for freedom.  “If the sustainability warriors have their way, fair use of the nation’s assets will be endangered.  Take people’s land rights away from them and Americans will become much more obedient to whatever the acolytes of the “green gods” order.”

People need to stand up and fight.  “If they don’t – they will be run over.”

Elizabeth Nickson is the former European bureau chief of Life Magazine and contributor to Time, The Guardian, Vogue, Harpers Magazine, the Globe and author of several books on the environmental movement.

Source:  Texas Backs Down From A Spider:  NewsMax, January 2013

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