Obama Campaign “Change” Into Non-Profit Organization

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Up until now no presidential campaign in history has turned itself into a  non-profit organization in order to fund it’s legislative agenda.  Enter Obama  for America, which Michelle Obama declared on Friday will soon be turned into a  501(c) 4 social welfare non-profit organization that will be renamed Organizing  For Action.  She said this will be “the next phase of our movement for  change.”

The Obama campaign sent out an email to supporters that read, “We may have  started this as a long shot presidential primary campaign in 2007, but it’s  always been about more than just winning an election. Together, we’ve made our  communities stronger, we’ve fought for historic legislation, and we’ve brought  more people than ever before into the political process.  Organizing for Action  will be a permanent commitment to this mission.”

“We’ve got to keep working on growing the economy from the middle out, along  with making meaningful progress on the issues we care about — immigration  reform, climate change, balanced deficit reduction, reducing gun violence, and  the implementation of the Affordable Care Act,” Barack Obama wrote. “I’m not  going to be able to take them on without you.”

The email also contained a video link to Michelle Obama stressing the  importance of Obama’s campaign volunteers helping to support Obama’s agenda.

“If we want to finish what we started and truly make that change we can  believe in, we can’t stop now,” she says in the video. “Supporters like you will  be the heart of this organization.”

Politico reports on how a 501(c) 4 stacks up against a SuperPAC:

When Obama for America relaunches next week as a tax-exempt organization, it  will become exactly what Democrats have reviled over the last two years: a  massive, powerful force in politics that doesn’t have to reveal anything about  the donors behind it.

Democrats and liberals bashed the Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson and other  conservatives who spearheaded hundreds of millions of dollars in secret  donations to groups like Crossroads GPS and Americans for Prosperity during the  2012 campaign. Obama, while raising over $1 billion himself, repeatedly lamented  the influence of big money.

A Democratic official tells POLITICO the new group, Organizing for Action, plans to voluntarily disclose its donors, stay out of elections and follow  all applicable laws governing nonprofits. It may run “issue” oriented  television and radio ads and President Barack Obama may personally fundraise on  behalf of the group.

Ironically, under the law, a super PAC would be more transparent.  Unlike a super PAC, which has to file regular reports with the Federal Election  Commission, the 501(c)4 non-profits don’t have to disclose their donors or  amounts, so it’s up to each group to decide what (if anything) it makes public  and when (if ever) that happens.

Barack Obama has miserably failed at his promise of being the most  transparent administration in history.  I’m not going to count on this  non-profit campaign organization to be transparent and voluntarily disclose all  of its donors.

Bryon Tau at Politico went on to write, “An aide familiar with the new nonprofit also told  POLITICO that while corporate and unlimited donations, it would not accept money  from lobbyists or other political action committees. The decision to accept  corporate donations — a big reversal from Obama’s pledge to curb the influence  of special interests in Washington — also has government watchdogs worried. The  White House declined to comment.”

“It’s ironic and puzzling that a grassroots organization with a public  interest agenda is going to take unlimited corporate money. It doesn’t square,” said Mary Boyle of Common Cause. “There’s one reason that  corporations spends money on politics–they’re looking for something in  return.”

Wynton Hall over at Breitbart points out the hypocrisy of the Obama with regards to this  matter:

In 2008, President Obama refused to take corporate cash to fund his  inaugural. In 2012, he reversed that decision, having recently accepted a  $250,000 check from ExxonMobil. The fact a sitting president’s former campaign  team will be accepting corporate donations, to some, smacks of a double-standard  that invites cronyism. Adam Green, co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign  Committee, blasted the decision:

“They won’t take money from MoveOn, Democracy for America, or Progressive  Change Campaign Committee PACs, but will accept million-dollar checks from Bank  of America and Goldman Sachs? What’s the principle there? No big bank or  corporation will donate million-dollar checks to OFA without the expectation  that it will impact which issues they engage on, and that’s very troubling,” Green said.

Finally the L.A. Times reports, “Jim Messina, who managed Obama’s 2012  campaign, will be chairman of the board, and longtime Obama advisor David  Axelrod will serve as a consultant. David Plouffe, Obama’s top political  advisor, will also have a role when he leaves the White House, a move expected  to happen soon.”

“If we can take the enthusiasm and passion that people showed throughout the  campaign and channel it into the work ahead of us, we will be unstoppable,” Messina wrote in an email to campaign donors.

This is nothing more than using the system to accumulate money to attack  Obama’s political enemies and push his socialistic agenda upon the American  people.  Sadly, he has already duped many in America that will continue to  support his regime and now he’ll continue that under the guise of a non-profit  organization.  Talk about cronyism!

source: freedomoutpost


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