A Cult For Terrorism

The Daily Rant: Black Conservative Mychal Massie's Hard Hitting Commentary on Race, Obama and Politics

 Mychal Massie

There’s something that seems to be missing in the debate pursuant to discussions of Islam and terrorism — and that omission should be as troubling as a skunk at a picnic. We are not discussing what happens when a person embraces Islam. Especially young people.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev shot dead at age 26 in a dramatic shoot-out with Boston Police and 19-year-old brother Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, also wounded in a shoot-out with police, were raised in America. They attended the best schools in America, they participated in America’s cultural activities and sports. Dzhokhar was given a $2,500 scholarship to help with college tuition.

By all accounts and by all indications, the two boys were normal until they become involved in Islam. And at that point things changed. We are told they became darker, more withdrawn, and more fanatical in the methodology of what Muslims call worship. 

Islam is a cult led by a maniacal leader, that celebrates the random murder of innocent people.

Normal children and adults can and do experience shocking transformations when they become involved with drugs and/or alcohol dependency. But I’ve never seen a person join the Baptist Church, Mennonite Church, or the Seventh Day Adventist Church and experience a transmogrification that leads them to mass-murder, beheadings, and an abject hatred for all things American.

Take out the beheadings and that is exactly what happened to the Tsarnaev brothers. Albeit, who knows, beheadings may have been something they were considering as a long range goal.

There’s some suggestion that the brothers claimed to be having a hard time adapting in America. Hmmm, they adapted well enough to enjoy sharing in the American way of life with friends and school pals. They adapted well enough to gain admission into the premiere Ivy-League schools in the nation. They adapted well enough for one of them to aspire to make the United States Olympic Team. Of course, his hopes for making the Olympic team may have been so he could commit another Munich 1976. But I digress.

Islam is a cult led by a maniacal leader, that celebrates the random murder of innocent people.

I realize what I am saying may not be popular, and it certainly isn’t politically correct, but I stand by it as truth because the empirical evidence speaks for itself. When is the last time you heard practitioners of other religions preaching hatred of America, Jeremiah Wright and Farrakhan notwithstanding?

We have been told that not long after embracing Islam the two brothers withdrew from their former friends — some of whom they had enjoyed close friendships with for many years. We’re told they became sullen and repetitiously fanatical about Islam. There are claims that they felt alone in America and were unable to fit in. I’d have to say they did a pretty good job of fitting in until they became involved in Islam.

At some point, Americans must stop ignoring the 2-ton pink elephant in the middle of the room in favor of political correctness. Our personal safety depends on it.

It may sound unkind to say, and it certainly isn’t politically correct, but until Muslims in America start standing up and denouncing this behavior we have the right and the responsibility to distrust them and their motives.

The safety and security of the American people is more important to me than not saying something that might offend or indeed does offend a Muslim. It’s too bad if they do not like what I’m saying. Let them stand up and join me in condemnation of the swine that murdered an eight-year-old little boy and who injured a three-year-old little child, and I’d be willing to voice things differently. Maybe.

I’m tired of hearing how they’re the victims in my country and every other country they migrate to. They aren’t victims; they’re mostly haters. They refuse to assimilate all the while their so-called religious leadership shows no concern for the traditions of America.

So the question remains, how long before Americans begin to have this discussion? Going out of our way to show them we like them and/or that we somehow sympathize with them because two of their murderous offspring suffered the consequences for murdering innocent Americans is not the answer. That’s like apologizing to a rapist after they’ve raped your daughter.

Enough is enough, and I submit we are way past due to have meaningful conversations about how to handle this ever-growing problem. It sure as heck beats sitting around waiting for the next ones to murder more innocent Americans while being told we shouldn’t jump to conclusions.

That said, the conclusion I’ve jumped to is readily apparent for all to see. It is that Islamofascists are invading our country, gaining footholds in our government, and murdering our fellow Americans. Call me intolerant or whatever you like, but until I see something different that’s the position I’m taking.


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