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RoanokeTeaParty – If you didn’t know this, you can set up Google to do alerts when a person has a story written about them. I have had one set up for E.W. Jackson since last year when I helped out with his Senate campaign. Well the number of articles on Jackson has exploded in the past few days. And most of them are of the variety that are making the left go nuts and the RINO population squeal.

Two of the charges against the Jackson is that he hates homosexuals and that he believes that Planned Parenthood is worse than the KKK for blacks. Well lets take those one at a time.

Yes, Jackson has said that homosexuality is a sin. As a pastor what else would your position be? It’s not like the Bible, both in the Old and New Testament isn’t crystal clear on this issue. Should a pastor not point out that a sin is a sin? Not to go all Sunday School here, but Romans 1:23-28 and 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 couldn’t be any clearer on the sinfulness of homosexuality and other acts.

The other acts is the next part of this that many folks miss. We are all sinners. Using the last passage from Corinthians as an example, there’s a whole list of things that will lead you to hell; homosexuality being one of them.

And I would say that everyone falls on that list, including me.  That is one of the main points of Christianity; that we are all sinners and that only through God’s grace can we avoid eternal damnation. The great heroes of the Bible are all sinners. Moses and David were murderers. Paul persecuted the very disciples he would soon join. Yet through God’s grace these men were saved.

So when asked about this yesterday, Jackson gave this answer:

“But I also like to let gay folks know that that same religious faith requires that you care about everybody, regardless. It’s about religious principles, but never, ever about hatred or bigotry.”


As a Christian, we are ordered to love everyone. If we are going to exclude every sinner from our daily lives, we would be awfully lonely. The whole point of the Christian life is that there is no sin too big for the blood sacrifice of Christ to cover. Regardless of what you have done, there is always salvation waiting if you confess his name.

This isn’t here to delve deeply into Christian theology; only to make the simple point that Jackson is only preaching the Gospel. And preaching the Gospel always gets you persecuted.

Yes the Bible says that too.

Of course, all you will hear from the media is Jackson pointing out the sin part. You won’t see the examples of Jackson loving his flock. Jackson working with people to turn around their lives. Jackson doing the day to day work that pastors do to help people come to a loving relationship with Christ.

Regardless of your religious beliefs, Jackson is standing up for his. Just like he will stand up for the other principles he espouses.

Now as for the Planned Parenthood/KKK comment. Jackson will double down on that comment. Planned Parenthood has killed a whole generation worth of black children. Regardless of your feelings about when life begins, without the assistance of Planned Parenthood there would be millions more children in our society. That is an undeniable fact.

The founder of Planned Parenthood said, “colored people are like human weeds and are to be exterminated.” The Klan is now a fringe group. Planned Parenthood is a cherished element of the liberal agenda.

Which is the bigger threat to the black community? Jackson will be thrilled to have this debate if the Democrats want to go there.

Sean Kenney on Bearing Drift summed it up beautifully yesterday when he wrote:

…and this ain’t his first rodeo, or the first tough question thrown at him.  Whereas other candidates might have backtracked, Jackson doubles down. It’s called backbone, folks.  Yes it looks strange… we haven’t seen it in the GOP for awhile.  But you’ll get used to it.

I hear people say all of the time they want a politician who will speak the truth. Well the attacks being leveled at a good man is EXACTLY why politicians DON’T SPEAK OUT. We have a unique moment here, where someone is willing to stand up on issues like this.

This is a good man. A Christian man who is going to stand up for his beliefs regardless. Isn’t that what people have been asking for? If that is what you want, you need to stand up for E.W. Jackson now. This is no time for luke warm support. Either you support these principles or you don’t.

Opportunities to change the game only come along at rare moments. This is one of those moments.

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