She Is Still A Race-Monger

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Mychal Massie

Saturday afternoon a colleague sent me the following: “Dem strategist [Jehmu] Greene on Fox excusing Obama by saying the AP could have been hiding a terror attack. Then she went on to blame Bush for Valerie Plame. The outing of whom had nothing to do with Bush or Cheney and yet, five years later, she repeats the lie.” As a matter of full transparency, the note did refer to Greene as “Jamu” not Jehmu.

Since she is unrepentant about calling Tucker Carlson a racial pejorative on the air she shouldn’t mind (sauce for the goose and that sort of thing).

Which brings me to my point. Why does Fox still give her status as an expert? She’s not a strategist. Unless by strategist they mean loathsome and mendacious, racist, race-monger whose only objective is to shield Obama from being exposed as a fraud and a threat to our nation and our allies.

Fair and balanced is not having a race-monger, who like Obama is capable of exuviating (or at very least securely hiding) the vestiges that reveal her to be the Neo-Leninist and hater that she is.

Why does Fox not only keep her around but protect her and shield her from criticism while allowing her a free pass for her blatant, racist name-calling on the air? What credibility can she possibly bring to Fox? She doesn’t even bring truth. Because of me and others, that portion of the public that reasons things thoughtfully and not reflexively do not believe a word she says. Her raw contempt for white Americans and all things not black has been exposed — so why does Fox want the likes of her representing their brand?

Fair and Balanced means you hear both sides of reasoned and cogent debate. Greene exemplifies neither of those characteristics. Greene’s job is to act as a minister of agitprop for the corrupt narcissist occupying the White House.

So again, I ask why Fox knowingly continues to showcase someone who is wholly given over to lies, racial antipathy toward whites, and does all in her ability to prop up the worst president in American history. Her actions are hellish and seldom witnessed except by those committed to an intellectual pogrom. One can only deduce that Fox is deliberately sanctioning the misleading of low-information viewers.

The depths of her intellectual dishonesty are clear every time she does her best to deflect the truth about Obama. Hitler and Lenin would have been proud to have one like her serving in their regimes. But this isn’t Nazi Germany or Communist Russia. It’s the United States of America. And while politicians lying and sycophantic minions falling on swords for them is not unheard of, those supporting Clinton and Obama have given it new meaning.

We know there are ideologues in the media who are willing to go to great lengths to protect presidential regimes. But not in the face of the murder of Americans. Americans were murdered because of Fast and Furious; Americans were murdered in Benghazi. Have people like Greene no concern for the lives of Americans? And the fact that she apparently does not, severely calls into question any semblance of legitimacy pursuant to her concern about the people of America. Her concern is to help enrich and promote Marxist fronts such as ACORN and this administration.

Greene is fully cognizant of the fact that what she was attempting to spin was dishonest at best and at worst an outright fabrication of lies and deceit. Is Obama so desperate that his administration will have Greene knowingly and willingly extend the most grievous lies and distortions? Is this what his politics have come down to? How can either Obama or Greene feign concern for their so-called “African-American” brothers and sisters while knowingly misleading them? That is as much of a conundrum as their support of Planned Parenthood.

Which raises another question: just who are Obama and Greene out to help? Clearly, Jesse Jackson is out for himself and his family. Al Sharpton is out for all he can get for himself and a spot in the limelight. So who are Obama and Greene out for? They are unquestionably taking advantage of and using those they claim concern about. But to what end?

Obama claimed when he took office that he would represent The United States of America, not a black or white America. But since taking office he has fomented black antipathy toward whites in dramatic ways. Greene by her words and actions reserves her deepest resentment and contempt for all things white. And yet how specifically does she help the people she claims whites are mistreating, holding back, and depriving of an equal chance.

Obama refuses to financially help his brother, aunt, and other family members, and Greene intentionally misleads and misinforms the people she is supposed to care about. But they claim to care about their own kind. So the question remains, “just who are their people?”

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