DC March June 14th – “IMPEACH OBAMA” Will You Join Us?

Tea Party Express Holds Rally In DetroitObama must go! As many as 27% of Democrats now believe that Obama should be impeached. 

The march is scheduled for “Flag Day” which is Friday, June 14th@ 12 noon on the steps of Capitol Hill to DEMAND Congress IMPEACH Obama!

Carl Boyd Jr., a black conservative who hosts the conservative talk show “Nothing But The Truth” in Nashville, calls for the impeachment march.

Let our voices be heard!

Contact us here, via Twitter.com/DianeAtkins.


Benghazi cover-up, IRS & Associated Press scandals, Fast & Furious, Obamacare, unconstitutional Executive Orders, billions of $ to sworn enemies of the U.S., etc. This is NOT about partisan politics, conspiracy theories, racism, etc. THIS IS ABOUT AMERICA. Many of Barack Hussein Obama’s actions and policies are un-constitutional. detrimental and ILLEGAL. We must hold Obama AND his administration accountable for their crimes. IMPEACH Obama for TREASON!!!

other sources: dcclothesline, Facebook Impeach Obama March in D.C. and examiner



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