This Woman is an IDIOT

It is not about the race of Obama…………..It’s about Communism!!! It’s about our Constitution……It’s about Freedom! It’s about Privacy! It’s about our Health Care! It’s about the government sticking it’s nose where it does not belong!! It’s about idiots like you wanting to control us!

Now if not wanting Obamacare makes me a Racist than so be it. But listening to you talk shows just how much of an idiot you are.

Why are you talking to members of the House and the Senate. They’re all controlling liberals. You should be talking to the people you represent and you would know that I am right and you are WRONG.

Say what you will about Newt, but Hillary Clinton, the female version of Obama, also wanted to push Government Healthcare on us and we refused it. Now I know Hillary may be a lot of things, but Black isn’t one of them, so you can’t say it’s about RACE.

Just a little advice for you Ms Peterson; you may want to lose some weight because according to Obama, you’re one of the reasons healthcare is so expensive. Also because of your neglect to take better care of your weight, under Obamacare you will be diagnosed as having a mental disorder as a binge eater and you can lose your 2nd Amendment rights.

So you can keep telling the lies and playing the race card all you want but you’re not convincing anyone. We know the truth.  

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