The Christian Purge

03Washington’s Liberal-Progressive leaders hold particular disdain for conservative Christians who steadfastly obey the biblical teachings of Jesus Christ.

To both circumvent or purge Christianity or ridicule Christians who question the left’s agenda, political instigators have three choices. They can discredit the faith and its pastors, they can enact laws that prohibit specific Christian scripture, or they can follow Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky,  and infiltrate and falsely lay claim to the faith of Jesus Christ through the power of government by manipulating and counterfeiting the teachings of God into something it is not while still using the name of Christianity. 

All three strategies are currently in play.  To discredit the faith and its believers, the left must use strong-arm tactics of denunciation. The public slap-down of Rev. Franklin Graham in 2013 was a warning for voicing his opinion on Islam, abruptly followed by the tactic of a Presidential visit to his ailing, elderly father, Billy Graham at his home for a “friendly” or, if you prefer, “threatening” photo-op.  Rev. Graham was quoted as saying he fully expects to be arrested some day for preaching segments of the Bible.  Left wing legislation such as ENDA will be used to shackle people of faith who dare to stand for their values and beliefs.

The left abhors mixing faith with politics unless it serves their agenda. Nancy Pelosi, a supposedly practicing Catholic, openly called for clergy to support the Democrats’ amnesty agenda.  The hypocrisy is that everyone knows, including illegal aliens, that the issue is not about faith, but about the vote.  Christianity is not a political tool. Christians’ allegiance is to Christ.

Headlines are filled with policies aimed at breaking down the family, implementing abortions as just another form of birth control, the teaching of homosexual acts to school children, and so on – all gratis of Obama and his handpicked officials. The very act of “redistributing wealth,” that Obama desires with such avarice, goes against the “10th Commandment of God” that declares we are not to covet our neighbor’s property or goods that are earned by the labor of our neighbor’s efforts. God’s word literally instructs against Socialism. Obama’s “wealth redistribution” teaches covetousness to the masses.

Obama claims Christianity through the prism of Black Liberation Theology’s politically infused doctrine of “social justice” which many call the “faith of liberal activism.” In 2008, Obama told Newsweek Magazine that he had “found Christ. . . But, I leave open the possibility that I’m entirely wrong.”   Though religion may not factor into presidential qualifications, restraint against undermining the very faith upon which this great nation was founded does.

Christianity is not a call to street activism or Socialism (social justice).  Coercing or manipulating the faith  is egregious to Biblical doctrine. The Obama administration would be wise to understand that administrations come and go, but no matter how doggedly they wage war against it – the Christian faith based on salvation by Jesus Christ – does not.

You can read Sharon Sebsastian’s article in full at this link.


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