Obama Using Operant Conditioning To Train The “Rats”

econ2“The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse.”  Edmund Burke

In 1948 Psychologist B.F. Skinner coined the term ‘operant conditioning’ to reference behavior that generated consequences.  

Operant conditioning  deals with the modification of voluntary behaviour.   Parents use it all the time when they bribe a child through reward to do their homework or chores.

It has long been known that behavior is affected by its consequences.  We reward and punish people so that they will behave in a different manner.   In operant conditioning, behavior is also affected by its consequences. To a hungry rat, food is a natural reinforcer so Skinner used a special cage with a bar that when pressed released pellets.  The Rat learned to press the bar to get his pellets.  Behavioral scientists call that “positive reinforcement.”

Obama has been exchanging “pellets” [positive reinforcement]  for votes since he came to power – increased food stamp enrollment, free cell phones, government investment in green companies, etc.

We have recently learned that Obama is also applying ‘negative reinforcement’ to punish those that disagree with his socialist agenda  –  IRS scandal, NSA spying, EPA’s enforced cap and tax scheme, Homeland Securities labeling of American patriots as possible terrorists, etc.  Vilifying those who seek to constrain him is a well-worn Obama technique.

To take it to the next level, Obama’s new Behavior Insights Team  is recruiting for ‘operatives’ to expand America’s  “conditioning.”  This new Team is based on a 2010 UK Behavioural Insights Team that used iterative experimentation (Test, Learn, Adapt) successfully to identify and test interventions to advance the agenda of the British government.

They will have more than ample tools to  use to manipulate us  due in part to the voluntary gush of personal information posted on social media along with the  NSA spying on emails, phone calls, etc. And next year, when ObamaCare’s electronic medical database kicks in, pretty much nothing will be left to speculation. 

This project is the logical extension of the Marxist theory that human behavior can be improved by selectively altering the environment, assuming that government can make better choices for us than we make for ourselves.

John Cockhrane, professor of finance at the University of Chicago School of Business wrote that the central provision of the Senate amnesty bill will further expand federal power by forcing all businesses to use a government-run web-based system to verify immigration status.  “Permission to work inevitably will rely at least in part on the judgment calls of an army of bureaucrats.  Political abuse is just as inevitable.  Consider Catherine Englelbrecht, reportedly harassed by the FBI, the IRS, BATF and Occupational Safety and Health for starting – gasp – a tea party group.”  Permission to work will become just another operant conditioning to push an agenda.

This attempt to ‘scientifically’ control us is inherently insulting – not to say that a majority  of the sheep won’t l succumb to manipulation.   However, a majority isn’t necessary when combined with the number of Americans already hooked on government ‘pellets.’ 

Source: What Would The Founders Think

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