The Renewable Holy Grail Scam

0b2So-called renewable energy is not clean, renewable, reliable, affordable or sustainable according to Craig Rucker and Duggan Flanakin.  (You can read the article in full at the link provided).

As Obama and his green zealots are waging a war to bankrupt coal based power plants [and in the process destroying jobs], delaying or blocking oil, natural gas and nuclear projects, they are fast tracking and using taxpayer money to subsidizing ethanol, wind and solar.

Obama’s latest attack on the economy is his determination to slash hydrocarbon use by 80% to stave off man-made global warming catastrophes that exist only in U.N.  computer models, the White House, and Hollywood movies, will require a 25 fold increase in wind and solar generation, resulting in the annihilation of numerous species across the lower 48 states.

“Renewable” confers an almost Holy Grail status that the left hopes will ensure widespread political, media and public support, while completely ignoring facts.

  • Wind, solar and biofuels are not renewable, eco-friendly, reliable, affordable or sustainable.
  • Hydraulic fracking has obliterated the liberal myth that we are running out of fossil fuels that are causing the dreaded man-made global warming that exists only in the concave of the zealots’ brain.

The craze for renewables is driven by religious zeal, not science or economics.  Those that champion renewables consistently misrepresent the human, environmental, capital, manufacturing and maintenance costs of providing affordable energy in sufficient quantities to power our modern world and maintain our desired standard of living.  There is no plausible fountain from which to drink.

To compare energy sources honestly and rationally for specific purposes such as heating, lighting, transportation or manufacturing, we need to apply the same standards and analytical methods for each alternative.  The subsidies needed for wind and solar projects are many times higher per unit of energy actually produced than is the case for oil, natural gas, coal or nuclear power.  And, even with taxpayer subsidies, electricity delivered by “renewables” are far more expensive than is power from conventional alternatives resulting in much higher bills for lighting, heating, air conditioning and subsequent higher costs for all consumer goods since energy, transportation and manufacturing costs are passed along to consumers.

When we factor in the natural gas, coal or nuclear power plants needed as backup for intermittent, unreliable wind and solar facilities, these so-called environmental friendly renewable options require more land, raw materials, energy and money than conventional energy sources.  Solar arrays also impact vast areas of wildlife habitat, while wind turbines slaughter millions of birds and bats necessitating broad, long-term exemptions from endangered species and other environmental laws.

The high cost of taxpayer subsidies and consumer electric rates also results in two to four jobs being destroyed for every wind and solar “created” job via government manipulation of the marketplace.  Blue-collar, poor and middle class families feel the worst impacts from this enormous wealth transfer to lobbyists, pressure groups, bureaucrats, and “green” companies and investors.

Taxpayer subsides are  not sustainable; nor are the birds and bats and wildlife habitat being sacrificed on the altar of politically correct energy.

Renewable energy is a deliberate false labeling strategy, designed to curry favor with trendy urbanites who are ignorant about energy and economic reality.  The true cost to the U.S. economic growth, jobs and living standards from following the Green Brick Road to ecological paradise is equally beyond their ken.

This is energy policy, by and for not-so-bright lights, who let their religious fervor for anything not hydrocarbon get in the way of common sense and fact-based analysis.  We cannot afford to continue going down this suicidal path.


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