Gov. McDonnell Caves To Obama Demands

001Governor Bob McDonnell, laying the groundwork for a future presidential bid,  has decided to comply with  Obama’s same-sex marriage mandate issued through a  Defense Department directive   to legitimize homosexual marriage in Virginia through the National Guard.

McDonald says he will give these benefits, currently reserved for real married couples, to  “legally married same-sex partners,” because 90% of funding for the National Guard comes from the federal government. 

Del. Bob Marshall   had written Governor McDonnell asking him to take a position similar to that of the Texas National Guard, which has declined to enroll such families in benefits programs. The commanding officer of that unit determined that compliance with the directive on treating all legally married families equally conflicts with state policy.  “Since Texas like Virginia has a Constitutional Amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman they have appropriately determined that they will not abandon their rule of law for the unprecedented judicial novelty.”

Marshall, a Prince William County Republican, wrote in his Sept. 4 letter.  “As Commander of the Virginia National Guard what will you do to secure that the spirit and letter of the Constitution regarding marriage will be upheld?” 

McDonald’s answer – The Virginia Constitution and Virginia law isn’t important, nor is it important that Virginia doesn’t recognize same-sex marriage from other states.  All that matters is my future political goals and I can’t afford to offend homosexuals.  After all, this is my last year, what are you going to do about it?

Louisiana and Mississippi have also announced that they will not allow Obama to force their states to change their marriage laws through the National Guard.

I think the good citizens of Virginia should give McDonnell a call and let him know what you think of his decision.  You can call him at 804-786-2211.

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