Taking A Stand Against Discrimination

Woman in muslim attire Lo 007 300x180 Student to violate No Hat policy as long as Muslims can wear hijab

Westernjournalism – A college student in London is taking a stand against her school’s disparate treatment of Muslims and all other attendees. When Caroline Powell was told to remove her cap before entering a class, she noticed that women of Islamic faith were permitted to wear headdresses anywhere on campus.

“A Muslim woman walked in behind me and I asked [the staff member] if she was going to ask her to take off her headdress,” Powell recalled, explaining that the black leather hat in question is “part of my identity.”

In the months since, she said she has been approached on numerous other occasions by college staff asking her to remove the hat, though she continues to refuse until the school’s “double standards” are rectified.

Powell noted that the official reason for the school policy is “so they could ID all users of the college, so nothing can obscure their face.”

That explanation falls flat, she noted, when “all these Muslim women are walking in with scarves across their face.”

The dispute has continued to heat up, according to Powell, who said she is afraid that administrators will expel her from the school. Still, she shows no signs of backing down from her principled stance.

“If one rule is made for all, then fine,” she said, “but I am not going to be treated like this when everyone else is allowed to do what they want.”

While some might see Powell’s campaign as frivolous, she is making a much larger statement through her daily demonstrations. In America, and even more so throughout Europe, Islam is given a pass in virtually any scenario imaginable.

Lawyers argue for the right to impose sharia law in direct violation of national and local legislation. Muslim students and prisoners receive religious prayer and dietary accommodations, while those of other faiths are completely ignored.

Powell is one of many who recognize this dichotomous treatment; and she is dedicated to fighting it in the one way she can. Perhaps if more people stood up, refusing to cede their own liberty to those practicing another religion, we could once again return to the concept of equal treatment under the law.

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