Fishing Supplies = Deadly Weapons = Felony Charge

Everyone I talk to says basically the same thing; “When will Congress get a backbone, make a stand and stop these usurping tactics on our constitution and freedoms by the Obama administration?”

I ask yet another question. When will “We The People” make a stand against government and our loss of freedoms? We are allowing ourselves to becomes slaves of a police state.

It’s one thing to bully, threaten and abuse adults, but it’s another to do the same to our children, and “We THE PEOPLE” allow it.

Our children are subjected to being bullied by school teachers, school principals, spying neighbors, been numbered like cattle, suspended, expelled and arrested……for being children.

I don’t expect common sense in government because their objective is power and control. But what happened to the common sense of the American citizens? Has everyone been brainwashed? Are they brain-dead? Are they cowards? Or is it they just don’t give a damn? When will the intimidation of our children be enough to draw the line?

From making jesters with their hand to eating a slice of pizza, that in someone’s sick mind resembled a handgun, throwing a temper-tantrum, carrying a keychain with a plastic toy, playing in their own yards (minding their own business) to now…………….. fishing equipment.  

This is insanity!


The arrests of several students who unwittingly and accidentally violated school weapon policies has some Georgian lawmakers saying “zero tolerance” makes zero sense.

A Cobb County high school senior was charged with the felony of bringing weapons into a school zone after police found fishing knives in a tackle box in his car. Cody Chitwood, a 17-year-old student at Lassiter High School and avid fisherman, turned himself in and was released on $1,000 bond.

Police were performing a random sweep, and drug-sniffing dogs detected black powder in Chitwood’s car. The powder was residue from a firecracker that had been in the car since Fourth of July, but it was enough to a warrant a full search that turned up the fishing-related weaponry.

“It’s pretty ridiculous,” said Chitwood in a statement to The Marietta Daily Journal. “I have an attorney and I’m hoping to get the felony dropped so I can still get in the Air Force.”

If the district attorney decides to prosecute, Chitwood could face two to 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

Lassiter High School did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Andrew Williams, a senior at nearby Allatoona High, received an identical felony charge after an assistant principal searched his car and found a knife. The official conducted the search after another student suggested that Williams had been smoking marijuana in his car. No drugs were found — just the knife.

Several state legislators say enough is enough. I say this abuse of our freedoms has long surpassed enough.

We should be picketing every police station, courthouse, schoolhouse, state and federal representatives against these usurping tactics used against not only ourselves, but our children. The local, state and federal employees work for us. Without our tax dollars they would have no jobs.

It’s time for us, “WE THE PEOPLE” to put a stop to this abuse before we’re completely taken over and controlled by communism.





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