Democratic Strategist Endorses Ken Cuccinelli

Regardless of the somewhat questionable polls reported by the lap-dog media, Virginia’s race is still a dead heat.  If it were a done deal Obama and Clinton wouldn’t be out stumping for votes.  Don’t believe the hype!  Everything that is happening is SPECIFICALLY designed to keep you from turning out next Tuesday.  mc

Virginia’s David “Mudcat” Saunders is a rare political consultant who for years warned fellow Democrats that they couldn’t ignore rural, culturally conservative voters.  His “clients” Democratic Senator John Warner, and former Democratic Senator Jim Webb listened and won.

Saunders is so fed up with this  year’s Democratic candidate, former DNC chairman Terry McAuliffe that he has endorsed Republican candidate Ken “Cooch” Cuccinelli for governor.   He stated that the Republican’s economic record is  better than that of the “corporatist” McAuliffe, and so are Cuccinelli’s ethics.  “I see a guy [McAuliffe] who’s got rich because of his political contacts, and I think that’s wrong.  I’ve known “Cooch” and he is not a crook. If he was, he wouldn’t be broke. I’m a Democrat, and not a corporatist. I don’t support corporatist candidates.”

Saunders says Democrats have forgotten his advice about rural voters as they’ve courted environmentalists. “Once my party starts caring for the people at the bottom of the mountain as much as they care for the trees at the top of the mountain, I’ll join the conversation. That’s the deal with Cooch. Cooch deals with the people at the bottom of the mountain.”

McAuliffe has been linked to numerous scandals over the years.  In the 1990s he invested $100 in a real estate deal, while the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers pension fund put in $39 million, yet McAuliffe ended up with a 50% stake from which he profited $2.45 million.

Fresh from this triumph, McAuliffe asked IBEW  to once again dip into the pension fund for $6 million to purchase land in Orlando which McAuliffe planned to subdivide. The development proved to be a bust, with only half of the homes were built, many of which didn’t even sell.   Regardless, McAuliffe never made a single payment on the loan to the pension fund.   According to Labor Department records, McAuliffe was in default from December 1992 through October 1997. The managers of the pension fund never demanded payment or called in the loan. The only collateral they had required was the nearly worthless Country Run property itself.  Eventually, McAuliffe did find a buyer for the property and repaid the loan.

In May 1999, the Labor Department brought suit against Jack Moore and John Grau, charging the two men with mismanaging the pension fund for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Moore and Grau eventually settled the case for more than six figures, and resigned their positions.  The union was forced to kick in another $5 million to cover the losses to the pension fund. The person at the center of the scandal, McAuliffe, took his money and ran, since the Labor Department didn’t have the authority to go after him.  They left prosecution up to the Clinton Justice Department who took a pass.  Why would they want to prosecute one of their best fundraisers?   The IBEW pension fund got looted and McAuliffe got rich.

In 1996 McAuliffe helped devise a political money-cycling scheme that led to the downfall of several leaders of the Teamster’s Union, including the president Ron Carey and his political director William Hamilton.  At Hamilton’s trial on corruption charges, Richard Sullivan, the former director of finance for the DNC, testified that McAuliffe asked him and other top DNC fundraisers to approach big Dem. donors who could make at least a $50,000 donation to the reelection of Ron Carey, who was in a pitched battle with James Hoffa, Jr.  Under McAuliffe’s scheme, the Teamster’s Union would later recycle that $50,000 back into various Democratic Party accounts.  Once again, as a close ally of Bill and Hillary, McAuliffe walked.

As chief fundraiser for the Clinton’s 1996 reelection campaign, McAuliffe masterminded some of the more risqué political fundraising operations since the Kennedy era. There were the fundraisers at Buddhist temples in California;  notorious coffee klatches where for a six-figure contribution to the DNC  corporate executives were brought to the White House for some face-time with Bill, Hillary, Big Al Gore  and  a retinue of cabinet secretaries, with pen in hand ready to address any nagging problem.  McAuliffe also devised the plan to rent out the Lincoln Bedroom to top contributors for slumber parties with the president.

McAuliffe was also involved with Charlie Trie who illegally funneled $600,000 from Communist China to the DNC for Clinton’s campaign.

By now most are aware of McAuliffe’s Greentech debacle which netted him a cool $18 million from 86 EB-5 visas sold to communist Chinese nationals.    McAuliffe, a golfing buddy of President Clinton, was allowed to buy stock at insider prices in Green Tech before the company went public.  McAuliffe eventually turned a $100,000 investment into $8.1 million in profit, cashing out   just prior to Greentech filing for bankruptcy.  Investors lost $54 million and 10,000 employees lost their jobs and retirement.  And let’s not forget McAuliffe’s  investment with Joseph Caramadre, now under indictment for defrauding insurers by using the stolen identifies of terminally ill people.

And new scandals are popping up every day.  Not only has McAuliffe  raised campaign money from far left organizations like Planned Parenthood, environmentalists,  Unions, the National Education Association and NY Mayor “I hate guns” Bloomberg to name a few,  but now we learn that  a Liberian International Shipping and Corporate Registry linked to  questionable arm deals in West Africa has given his campaign $120,000.  Though the company is based in Virginia, they serve as a regulator of the shipping industry in Liberia through a contract given by former Liberian president and convicted war criminal Charles Taylor.

Regardless of the somewhat questionable polls reported by the lap-dog media, Virginia’s race is still a dead heat.  A new poll conducted by Wenzel Strategies, which accurately predicted closing momentum for Sens. Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Deb Fischer, among others, shows McAuliffe leading Cuccinelli 41 to 40 percent.  Third party candidate  Robert Sarvis has garnered 9 to 10 percent of likely voters who remain undecided.

Brian Baker, president of Ending Spending Action Fund which commissioned the poll say that “There’s a reason the Clintons have been called in to spend a week campaigning for McAuliffe and that Bloomberg is pouring in millions with 2 weeks to go, their internals must be showing what our poll indicates — that his [McAuliffe’s]unfavorables are high and they must try to suppress Cuccinelli turnout to prevail.

Don’t let progressives take Virginia to the dark side



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