Keep Your Powder Dry

what1Luke Hamilton of offers priceless words of wisdom in his article “Using the Calm Before the Storm”. 

The economic recovery  has been a combination of smoke and mirrors, held together with a shoestring and bubble gum.  he plummeting economy, triggered by the collapse of our government-inflated housing bubble, was temporarily slowed in its break-neck decline by the Obama administration’s decision to shovel astronomic amounts of taxpayer money into a hole through Quantitative Easing.

The Fed is using  “fiat money”  not money created by  market mechanisms or wealth creation to prop up the economy and every time money is created in this fashion, the dollar you hold in your wallet or your 401(k) gets a little weaker.  The greedy progressives behind this diabolical process have discovered that they can rob you without ever touching your billfold, simply by watering down the funds they already control.

This has worked, to a degree.  Along with a slavish press, the sheer volume of money spent has provided the government a little cover over the past couple years. In the same way that 200 gallons of plasma would keep an abdominal gunshot victim alive for a time.  But if the plasma runs out and surgery hasn’t been done, dude won’t be around too much longer.

Our cupboard is now running dry. China is too highly leveraged to give us any more actual money and inflation is starting to creep into the economy.  The Consumer Price Index for 2013 was the highest it’s ever been, with a price inflation of 133% over 1982 prices. We’re starting to look like the Town Drunk, hunched over a half-full glass of warm beer, 10 minutes after Last Call.

We know that Washington doesn’t care about us once we’ve punched their chad in the voting booth.  There are only a handful of politicians in DC who are willing to serve the people they represent and those few are increasingly ostracized from the legislative process by the statists on both sides of the aisle.

The storm is coming.   Even Doctor Evil himself has tipped his hand enough to show that he believes a major market slow-down is likely.  If even cretinous Marxists like Soros are openly preparing for another economic disaster, shouldn’t we? There has never been a better time for the American people to batten the hatches and our window of opportunity might be closing soon.

On a most basic level, we need to be prepared physically to protect and provide for our families. That means equipping ourselves with the means to survive even if the social structure breaks down. Yes “prepper” supplies are a great idea, both for social collapse and disaster preparedness, but we should also be inculcating our families with survival knowledge that extends beyond the gear and supplies.

Additionally, we should be preparing to protect ourselves and our families.  In any scenario where the social compact breaks down, the predators emerge. Whether it is during a natural disaster, riots, or a targeted attack, the chaos which follows provides enough distraction for the asocial predators in our midst to operate.  Purchase a firearm and practice until you are comfortable and accurate.  Apply for your CCW permit, even if you don’t plan to use it. By the time you need to use a firearm, it’s too late to prepare.

Finally, we need to prepare mentally and spiritually.  As much as we need to elect strong conservative men and women to office, our responsibilities do not stop at the polling place.  We need to develop our knowledge of the issues facing our country.  Gone are the days when we had scrupulous “experts” which could be (at least provisionally) relied on to do the right thing.   Romans 3:10-18 has never been more apparent than today.

Have you read Saul Alinski and Karl Marx?  Are you familiar with the teachings of the Koran?  Do you have a copy of The Coming Insurrection? These are the foundations upon which our opposition has built their campaign. There is no excuse for us to be unfamiliar with the enemy’s foundational tracts and tactics.

We can no longer afford to be ignorant of the repugnant.  As Oliver Cromwell so aptly stated, “Keep your faith in God, but keep your powder dry.”


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