Trey Gowdy’s Bill To Force Obama to Obey the Laws

541 gowdy enforce bill in house to stop obama lawlessness

The House began  discussion Wednesday on the ENFORCE Act, H.R. 4138, aimed to require compliance with the laws as they are written by the Executive Branch. The sponsor of this legislation is South Carolina Republican Trey Gowdy.

The bill would allow the House or Senate to authorize legal action to be taken against the administration for failure to faithfully enforce the laws passed by Congress in their entirety.

Another bill, The Faithful Execution of the Law Act, H.R. 3973, would require agencies to report to Congress when laws aren’t enforced.

The lawless nature of the Obama administration and the agencies which it controls was the motivation behind this legislation aimed at forcing compliance with the Constitution.

Obama’s waivers for cronies in obamacare and his failure to enforce immigration laws are familiar examples of the lack of adherence to and a respect for the law but there are countless others.

The procedural process will begin with a rule governing floor consideration of both bills, and once a rule is passed, members will debate the ENFORCE Act and four Democrat amendments.

Naturally, the Democrats are objecting to the rule of law being enforced. In their world it’s okay for a Democrat to violate the law as long as their party agenda is being moved forward. The Constitution and the good of the nation are not really that important in their view. That will be the case until they lose control. At that time, the squealing like stuck pigs will once again resume.



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