World Vision’s Liberal Theology

ccWhat happens when a Christian charitable institution becomes more important than the cause for which it was formed and how long should the churches remain loyal? 

World Vision announced in March of this year  that they were  hiring Gay Christians in Same-Sex Marriages but, were in no way endorsing same-sex marriage.  How does that work?

World Visions’ liberal theology also supports the claim that the Bible is not sufficiently ‘clear’ on the sinfulness of same-sex sexuality and relationships, which is no surprise because it is the same liberal theology of the  churches that provide most of their funding.  Following an evangelical uproar, World Vision’s leader Richard Stern and the board of directors, fearful of losing donations from traditional Christian churches, announced that  they had overstepped their bounds and were renouncing their former decision.   “What we are affirming today is there are certain beliefs that are core to our Trinitarian faith that we must take a strong stand on those beliefs.   We cannot defer to a small minority of churches and denominations that have taken a different position.”   Strange how the potential loss of money can reaffirm one’s core beliefs!

World Vision’s attempt to gloss over homosexuality as a sin should not come as a surprise to anyone familiar with the charity or the church’s that support it. According to their website, the activities of World Vision is divided into 5 major areas: emergency relief, education, health care, economic development (Agenda 21), and “promotion of justice,” liberal speak for Socialism.

While they attempt to distance themselves from abortion, there is little doubt of their association.  Not only does World Vision work with the United Nation’s sustainable development and its offshoot population control,  but they feel the need to also push the U.N. global warming scam.

World View International  has endorsed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which pushes abortion and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child that not only pushes abortion but  destroys the parent/child relationship as well as place the well-being of children into the hands of dictators, atheists, and countries that practice pedophilia.

In a  USAID  pamphlet dated September 13, 2012 we discover that “World Vision found that family planning was misunderstood to mean abortion by many people, so they [took a clue from the U.N.] changed their terminology from family planning to Birth Spacing and then to Healthy Timing and Spacing of Pregnancies (HTSP) because it would make it easier to talk to people about family planning.”

HTSP, or  Healthy Timing and Spacing of Pregnancy is a family planning intervention that helps ensure that pregnancies occur at “healthy time”  in a woman’s life.  This approach helps women delay, time, space, or “limit their pregnancies” to achieve the healthiest outcomes for mother and child.  This family planning used by World vision includes traditional oral contraceptives but hidden under the terminology of “emergency contraceptive methods” they also push abortion and the use of abortion inducing drugs.

Also in question is World Vision’s grant to the abortion-supporting organization Save the Children which doesn’t feel the need to hide their abortion stance.  In “Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Toolkit” we learn that adolescents should be provided with information about and access to safe abortion services when legal.”  Save the Children’s  planning position paper  state that it’s goal to provide information, education on the benefits and risks of particular contraceptive methods, safer sex information and pregnancy options including safe abortion.”  Safe for whom?

World Vision doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to their anti-Semitism.  A 2011 sponsored presentation “With God on Our Side,”  in what they promised to be a fair uncontroversial missing narrative of the Middle East conflict  was  anything but fair.   It presented a liberal secular view about the problem. Nothing was mentioned about  Arab aggression, discrimination against the Jewish people, or terrorist acts committed against Israel by Hamas, Hezbollah, the PLO, or the Muslim Brotherhood.   Instead, the film laid all the blame for the Middle East’s problems at the feet of Israel.   World Visions response to Israel’s security barrier was to invoke a highly politicized and inappropriate claim that the barrier was “reminiscent of the Cold War and Eastern Bloc oppression. “

This film implies and asserts that Christians who support Israel’s desire to live peaceably as a Jewish state are theologically dispensationalist, evangelical fundamentalists, with an unhealthy interest in apocalyptic scriptures, whose narrow-mindedness allows little compassion for the sufferings of Palestinian Muslims and Christians.

World Vision has operated in the Middle East region since 1975 and has a number of ongoing projects, while relatively small-scale, that are focused strictly on the Palestinian population, even treating Jerusalem as a separate entity tied to the Palestinian Authority.

Perhaps World Visions good work compensates for their inadequacies in other areas but as a Christian that respects life and the Hebrew people, I find it hard to accept that  any traditional evangelical church would raise such a stink over hiring same-sex couples while completely ignoring World Vision’s glaring anti-Semitism and dalliances in abortion.

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