Self Preservation

0003The flood of young people illegally crossing our border is far worse than Obama is willing to admit. According to a draft memo by Deputy Border Patrol Chief Ronald Vitiello dated May 30, agents and officers will apprehend more than 90,000 unaccompanied children this year and as many as 142,000 next year. In 2013 unaccompanied children crossing our border was only 40,000. What’s different now?

Obama announced to the world that he wasn’t sending any one home when he systematically disabled America’s immigration laws. Word has spread throughout Central and South America that if they can make it across the border, they can stay.   Children are crossing the border because their parents know that once the kids are here, it is only a matter of time before they will be allowed in themselves.

As Obama completes his destruction of our way of life, many nations are now restricting immigration because of popular anger at the unwelcome changes brought about by mass immigration. How many nations around the world have to be thrown into crisis for the U.S. to learn that mass immigration is not always positive?

Over the last several years an inflow of illegal aliens from Africa led to major tensions within Israel over the increase in crime, disorder and rapes. Israel’s immigration and border protection policy is not simply based in security concerns. Issues of crimes and cultural cohesion also played a large role to their approach to immigration that included the construction of a sophisticated barrier fence, aggressive deportation and the use of the military to protect their border, motivated in part by an awareness of the great civilizational importance of national boundaries.

In England, both major parties have pledged to restrict immigration. Popular backlash forced Cameron to set a cap on immigration from hundreds of thousands a year to just tens of thousands. Britain has had to endure rioters on welfare, the 7/7 bombings, the savage slaying of Lee Rigby, and the transformation of entire English neighborhoods into autonomous Islamic enclaves. The leader of the UKIP party pointed out that “in scores of our cities and market towns, this country, in a short space of time, has frankly become unrecognizable.”   One radical Islamic cleric who is on British welfare himself, encourages all Muslims to go on welfare as a form of plunder.

The French are also beginning to demonstrate a desire to maintain their sovereignty, beginning with stricter control over their national border to control a spike in illegal immigration. The Front National party president Marine Le Pen bluntly said that “immigration is an organized replacement of our population” threatening their very survival with endless cultural conflict.

The Swiss passed a national referendum to limit immigration from EU nations not only because of a long-standing concern about being swamped by foreigners, but to maintain their national identity.   The referendum was promoted to control and restrict and select appropriate personnel for their job market. The referendum passed with 78% of the popular vote.

Sixty-four percent of Italians see immigration as a big problem shaped in part by the startling experience of Lampedusa, a small Mediterranean island that was a favorite target for African and Middle Eastern migrants and asylum seekers. Boatload after boatload attempted illegal entry to Lampedusa and once arriving, their sense of entitlement boiled over. Lampedusa’s mayor said that “we have here young Tunisians who arrogantly want everything immediately, just like criminals, ready to endanger our lives and theirs.” Left to their own devices, the residents of Lampedusa fought back by chaining themselves to the harbor and docks, blocking roads and even stopping an Italian Coast Guard patrol boat loaded with yet even more “rescued” immigrants.

Liberals in Norway are fighting back against illegal immigration, asking why should they sponsor welfare for people who don’t share their values. A leader of Norway’s Progress Party said that “some people feel they’re waking up one morning and their old neighborhood is gone. . .Strangers move in and people don’t even understand what they’re saying; we have a generous welfare system, and you feel a stranger in your own neighborhood.”

The people of Israel, Great Britain, France, Switzerland, Italy and Norway cannot be dismissed as thoughtless or xenophobic. The nationalist leadership of Europe and Israel put America’s politicians to shame. Underlying this contrast, it is sad to say, the citizens of those nations, in the aggregate, have spoken out with more patriotism and a greater sense of national self-preservation than Americans have so far.

Source: John Bennett, MA, University of Chicago, Master of Arts Program in the Social Sciences

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