It’s What Passes for Climate Science

2A recent paper published in the journal Science by a team of researchers has finally acknowledged that the earth is no longer warming.   One of these researchers is none other than Michael Mann, the pusher of the faked hockey stick graph.   Naturally, no one on the left would actually admit the earth was not heating up without an explanation for the “event.” Mann blames it on oscillations in the oceans that have created a “false pause,” which will end and when it does – watch out world – the earth will warm so fast it will probably burn your little tootsies.

This isn’t the first time radical environmentalists have been forced to make up an explanation for why their dire predictions have not come true. As a matter of fact there are more than 52 scientific theories attempting to solve the “pause,” from a “lazy sun” to “trade winds” to the “wrong types” of El Nino’s. But don’t expect the rhetoric to lull any time soon. In fact, a recent Nature paper actually defends the accuracy of the very models that failed to predict the very pause that didn’t exist, that now does exist, but only because the models were wrong. No, this is not a Zen koan: it’s what passes for modern climate science.

No matter how many times the lies are exposed the left keeps pushing the rhetoric.   You can’t watch a program on the Science channel, or National Geographic, or the Discovery channel or Public Broadcasting without wondering if you’re watching the UNSN. For those unenlightened folks, that is the United Nations Socialist Network.

While one group of radical environmentalists continue to push lies as scientific facts, others have decided to approach the scam from varying angles.   One such group of self-righteous, self-absorbed, self-appointed busbodies sent letter to museums around the country expressing their concern that some individuals who give money to museums or sit on their boards are “profiting” from fossil fuels and that is a big no-no.

Then there are the threats from the left calling for arrest and charges of high crimes against humanity or treason in Nuremberg style trials. And let’s not forget, the death threats of strangling us in our beds or government execution. And of course, you always have the really stupid stuff from socialist like Congressman Barbara Lee of California who claims that global warming will force women into prostitutes

In mid-March the New York Times published a silly piece entitled Is the Environment A Moral Cause  by Rob Willer, associate professor of sociology, psychology and organizational behavior at Stanford, who claimed that conservatives don’t embrace global warming alarmism and other popular environmental causes because they are more concerned about patriotism, respect for authority, sanctity or purity, than in protecting people and ecosystems.

Lefties just don’t get it. Conservatives don’t “embrace” the lies because ordinary people aren’t fooled by propaganda. They’ve figured it out.   When scientists, or those claiming to be scientists concoct evidence, homogenize data, refuse to expose their ‘scientific’ data to verification by the wider scientific community, or refuse to engage in debate with their peers or skirt contra-indications to an improbably hypothesis, they have an ethics problem.

When they actively colluded to conceal inconsistencies in their own findings, and misrepresent evidence, or invoke the authority of peer review but only allow their work to be assessed by those of like mind, or invoke the authority of consensus and then exaggerate and misrepresent the scale of that consensus, they have ethical issues.

When they defame and willfully denigrate the motives of anyone who has the temerity to question their fraudulent orthodoxy, or threaten the careers and livelihoods of unpersuaded scientific practitioners, or subvert the integrity of not only scientific method but of intellectual rectitude itself, they not only have an ethics issue but they’re running scared.

Since 1989 there has been no significant change in the public’s concern level over global warming despite the most expensive agenda driven campaign by government agencies, welfare-sucking corporations, public schools, universities, celebrities, well-funded radical environmental groups, left-wing think tanks and the Democratic party.  Global warming has become nothing more than leftist malware infecting economic growth.  In spite of all the left-wing shrieking, the aggregate emissions of pollutants has been in decline for the last 35 years thanks to private technological advances in efficiency brought to you by free market competition, not solar farms.


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