Seeing No Evil

Charlie Daniels

One of two things is obvious about Barack Obama.

He is either a weak and incompetent man who hides from the truth and is afraid of confrontation or he is as naive as Neville Chamberlain.

His refusal to even identify the enemy America is fighting all over the world, his politically correct approach to rooting out the terrorists who walk among us, his abject failure to show any backbone in dealing with Vladimir Putin, his evident ignorance of a growing threat from China, his dismissal of our most experienced and battle hardened military officers, his disrespect for the only ally we have in the Middle East, his imaginary red lines and total mishandling of the War in Iraq is evidence of a man totally out of his depth or a man who is and never was interested in being president for the right reasons.

I know that Obama did not start the war in Iraq, he inherited it, but his childish finger pointing and petulant attitude does not negate the fact that, in his rush to placate the left leaning voters he pulled out too many American troops, way too fast and created a perfect power vacuum for Isis to move into.

Now, as ISIS grows exponentially in numbers, captured American war equipment left behind by
the Iraqi army who ran away, territory and ruthlessness, Obama wants to leave the job of defeating Isis to a bunch of rag tag, poorly lead, unmotivated and terrified Iraqi soldiers who refuse to stand and fight despite their superior numbers and weapons.

An able and pragmatic leader realizes when a policy is not working and quickly moves on until he finds one that does. Obama evidently refuses to face the fact that the Iraqi army is not up to the task of destroying Isis and that other measures need to be taken now while the situation is still manageable.

It only takes a couple of minutes of watching the “valley girl” State Department spokesperson to realize the caliber of personnel who have been placed in sensitive positions in this administration. Obama has surrounded himself with inexperienced ideologues and political appointees.

The ramifications of this incompetence and its trickle down effect has manifest itself in the
complete mess at the Internal Revenue Service, the fast and furious debacle Eric Holder left behind, the glaring mistakes the state department made in Benghazi and the list goes on.

And, as we all know, that is the tip of the iceberg. The failings of the Obama Administration begins at the very top, incompetence breeds incompetence, hires incompetence and attempts to cover incompetence, with innuendo, lies and simply pretending that a bad situation doesn’t even exist in hopes that it will go away.

His all but total disregard for the ruinous national debt – that could well strangle the life out of the American economy for decades – and his propensity for spending every cent he can tax or borrow has caused a fiscal nightmare like this nation has never faced.

The official government unemployment statistics will tell you that unemployment rate (U-3) stands at an acceptable 5.4%, but the truth of the matter is that there are millions of people who have given up on finding a job and many who are working an extremely low number of part time hours, when you factor all those folks in, the actual unemployment rate (U6) is actually 10.8%, and millions more who are claiming nonexistent disabilities (Obviously there are many who are truly disabled, I’m not talking about them) and almost half of the population is receiving some kind of government assistance.

A record ninety-three million Americans are not in the work force and food stamps recipients have almost doubled, as has the national debt on Obama’s watch.

It has to be obvious that America is in decline and the person at the wheel, charged with righting the ship is either not up to the task or simply doesn’t care.

It’s frustrating to see the greatest nation the world has ever known floundering around under the leadership of a president who seems determined to fundamentally change it into a socialist also-ran that commands no respect, no fear and no credibility.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels

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