The Fetal Harvest Chart


While major companies are creating a gulf between themselves and Murder, Inc., officials with United Way are defending their funding of the Planned Parenthood abortion business because it’s such a “small percentage” of total funds. And while it is only fair to note that not all United Way affiliates support the murder of children, those that do contribute almost $2 million a year.   To see if your local affiliate supports the murder of innocent children, visit the ‘Pro-Life Guide to United Way’ on 2nd Vote’s website to see a state-by-state list and the amount of money donated with a link to tax forms documenting the expenditure.

Mean while, What’s the Scoop, a Portland, Oregon ice cream shop is holding a fundraiser to benefit Murder Inc. with its latest let’s kill a baby ice cream flavor – “Taste of Victory” – a mixture of strawberries and white chocolate freckles.

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