Putin’s Got A Map and He Knows How To Use It

blPutin, for all intent and purposes, has annexed the Arctic, including Santa’s Village in the North Pole. Fortunately Santa is multilingual.

Not only does Putin have an army and navy capable of being rapidly deployed there, he is planning on developing bases and extensive infrastructure. The Arctic is part of his global energy and geopolitical strategy and just a hop, skip and jump from his next goal – reclaiming Alaska.

Outraged at Putin’s brazen plans and after only six years of being warned about our vulnerabilities, Obama order the fast-tracking of one, count it – ONE new icebreaker, with a suggestion that we should “consider” building more vessels Arctic capable in the future.   At least Canada is willing to assert her territoriality but good luck with that. With a response force of between 100 to 400, Canada has little, if any, chance of defending the Arctic against the Russian military.

Any doubt about the measure of Putin’s resolve in terms of a Russian Arctic should have vanished with his recent display of military might – a modernized and large Northern Fleet capable of functioning in the harshest ice-filled climates of the world, much of which has already been claimed by the Russian Federation.

Everyone in the world has figured out that Obama hates the military, fossil fuels, and Israel. They know he has no back-bone for defending America’s borders or America’s allies.   Obama is a weak leader and Putin, well, he’s Putin. While Obama guts our military – Putin has been frantically rebuilding Russian forces, and flexing his muscles throughout the world.

As one of the leading defense industries and arms dealers in the world, Putin is building alliances for advanced generation strike fighters, missiles and drones. He is working closely with India and China on various military technologies. Even Israel has a more measured relationship with Russia on emerging technologies.   And where is the U.S.? Our military has been gutted and our most advanced strike fighter is mired in cost overruns and test failures.

Russia has 40 icebreakers – we have 3 on the books, only two of which float. I guess if we added the USS Constitution to the list and maybe the Charles W. Morgan whaler, two ancient but floating vessels that have survived ice and cold, throw in some weapons and modern electronics, we could double our capacity in the short-term.

Russia plans on adding an additional 40 vessels to their fleet in the next few years, and an Arctic Air force with fighters and bombers capable of functioning in harsh climates. Additional Russian Air Force flights are scheduled over the Arctic, as well as flybys in or near U.S. airspace.

It is estimated that 15% of the world’s untapped oil and 30% of the natural gas is in the Arctic and that doesn’t include a potential treasure trove of natural resources, fishing, etc. Yet the only interest that the Arctic holds in Obama’s progressive world is tied to the global warming scam. Instead of viewing the Arctic  as a valuable U.S. asset and resource through which he could improve the lives of countless Americans through new jobs, and new energy resources, he’s worried about the Arctic as a shared land mass belonging to the world.

While Obama is pandering to the Polar Bears, our economy is stalled or in shambles, cops are being used for target practice, race relations have deteriorated, welfare recipients get better medical care than veterans, China is challenging the sovereignty of Pacific Rim nations, and waging cyber war against the U.S.and Putin is rebuilding the Russian empire.

Good news polar bears – Obama has ordered Rosetta Stone or Berlitz trained veterinarians to teach you to speak Russian. It won’t be the first region to return to that language. And now might be a good time to start offering it in our community colleges. Dobro pazhaloval’ v Ameriku. Just Saying!!!!!!

You can read Dr. Robin McFee’s article, Putin – Teaching Polar Bears Russian, in full at this link.

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