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A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste:

As the radical leftist campus agenda of political correctness collapses into despotic lunancy, the University of Missouri takes center stage with its own brand of home-grown loons in the form of media communications assistant professor Melissa A. Click, who researches academic gems such as “the impact of social media in fans’ relationship with Lady Gaga.”   She was caught on tape accosting an ESPN photo journalist, then calling for fellow Mizzou gang bangers who hate America and the First Amendment, to get forcibly remove him from the public sidewalk where he was photo-documenting the insanity.

If a white university staff had done anything close to that against a black student, there would be campus-wide solidarity marches decrying the “violence” being committed against black students. But because this victim happened to be a non-black journalist, threats of physical force and verbal abuse unleashed against him by Mizzou staff is all politically correct and “tolerated” by Mizzou itself… a university where spines and scrotums are now banned by policy.

The University of Missouri, like other looney left-wing institutes of higher-learning,  is crumbling into nothing less than a racist totalitarian regime of loony left-wing extremists and instigators of violence against journalists and anyone who still believes in the First Amendment. Perhaps Columbia, Missouri, should rename itself “Looneville” in honor of this new left-wing madness that has infected and infiltrated its university.

The open hostility to liberty, constitutional rights and simple civic discourse would be shocking if it had not become the norm.

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