Get Ready to Kiss Your A** Goodbye

Obama has decided come hell or high water, and by executive order, he will deprive you of your 2nd Amendment rights. His claim is to expand background checks, but we know from his past actions, it will be far worse than that. And how do we know? Obama himself said he was looking for ways to tighten gun laws without a vote in congress.

This is Valerie Jarrett who controls the White House & Obama. Read what her plan was in 1977 and look at where we are today.

Obama has called on his team, which consist of his Iranian puppet master Valerie Jarrett to submit a proposal “in short order” for his review. So we know first hand Jarrett’s only coming after law abiding American citizens and their firearms. 

Using excuses of what is deemed a “gun show loophole” and the purchase of weapons online that Obama claims are sold without background checks, is one of his biggest lies to date. Online purchases can only be shipped to licensed gun dealers, and dealers, even at gun shows have to follow all gun laws which already include background checks. This info should tell any person with half a brain, Obama and Jarrett’s reasons for more gun control are far more sinister.

So far Jarrett’s plan has advanced at phenomenal speed. Gun control is the final step. We will be left defenseless, powerless and unprotected if Jarrett and Obama are allowed to tear up our Bill of Rights and impose gun control.

Regardless of your race, if you’re not Muslim, you don’t count. So prepare yourselves. You’re about to find out what it’s like to have lost your freedoms and what Muslim slavery is all about.


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