Here’s your Peaceful Muslim Transparency

Craig Wallace, held this sign in London as he protested attacks in Syria:

social media

After British politician Charlotte Leslie voted in favor of airstrikes in Syria, his true colors came shinning through and posted theses messages targeting Leslie on social media.

He wrote on a existing thread on The UK Truth Movement Facebook page: “I’m going to smash her windows and drop a bomb on her house when she is tucked up in bed, you dirty f*****g pig shagging s***.

“By the way love you’re f*****g hideous.”

In a second message he went on: “I’m going into find her and show her what it’s like to murder innocents, you dirty pig f*****g whore.” source

Makes you feel warm all over, doesn’t it.

Trump is right. No Muslims should be allowed in the US and the ones here now can’t be trusted.

Do we round all of them up and lock them away for our own protection? Let’s put it this way; people with infectious diseases are quarantined for the protection of the population so the disease does not spread.

The disease these people have is Islam and they plan to infect (convert) murder or enslave all of us. 


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